About Me

by Sojourner
About Me

Hey there, I’m Sojourner! Or Sojo for short. I started traveling as a kid for holidays, school breaks and summer vacations to visit family all over the U.S. From riding in the St. Louis Arch to 18-hour road trips from Wisconsin to Louisiana, traveling has always been a part of my life. When the opportunity arose to study abroad in Granada, Spain I jumped at the chance. I used this blog to document my semester and I was terrible at travel blogging. Seriously.  However, Spanish culture helped improve my Spanish-language skills, taught me how to relax, and motivated me to pursue more international opportunities.

With senior year approaching, I decided to forego grad school and applied to be a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant. Two months shy of graduation, I was notified of my acceptance and placed in Logroño, La Rioja, Spain. While in Spain, I learned how to live abroad instead of study abroad. Between the smiles, siestas, and side eyes, I met some remarkable people. We vented, traveled, and laughed our way through the streets of Berlin, Santorini, Prague, Lisbon, and many more. Logroño gave me the time to reflect on my future and how I plan to get there…wherever there may be.  

During Fulbright, my desire to write grew as a Contributor for Las Morenas de Espana. Upon my return to the U.S I didn’t want to give up travel blogging. I knew I wouldn’t travel as much during my service with AmeriCorps, but I refused to let go of my new passionI scrounged up what little money I had left and bought my current domain: Sojournies. 

Is this where I say, “the rest is history?” 

A sojourn is defined as a temporary stay and my sojourn to Granada birthed this blog. Traveling changed my life journey, as I am currently pursuing a career in International Social Work. This basic travel diary, Sojournies, has transformed into a place to share travel stories, tips, and advice, to inspire you to create your own journey.  I’ll tell you to trust your gut and be responsible…and also taunt you to book that trip of your dreams. But most of all I’m just me, Sojo!

I welcome you to tag along as a Milwaukee girl, from a family deeply rooted in culture, love and laughter, makes her way around the world one free walking tour, flight deal, and wine tasting at a time.