Vacationing in Southern Spain (Part 1)

by Sojourner
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As I’ve said many times before, I LOVE southern Spain. Andalusia will forever have my heart and Granada will always have a piece of my soul. So of course, I had to return to end where I started. A friend from home came over and we hung out on the beaches in and around Málaga for 3 days before heading back into semi-real life in Granada. The sun was out (and hot) and I was ready to relax for a few extra days, shop, eat, and explore a few more times before leaving Spain.

Beach, sleep, eat, repeat

The first three days are kind of a blur because I only did the following things on repeat: wake up at noon, eat brunch, go to the beach, get gelato, eat dinner, get gelato and then sleep. Seriously! That’s all. It felt so nice to just wake up when I wanted and relax in the sun all day. I can’t swim, but I’ve never been too fond of getting in the water. I occasionally put my feet in, but I just lie on the beach with my music, a podcast, a drink and my sunglasses when necessary. Basking in the sun without a care in the world is definitely a lifestyle I could get used to.

Day trip to Mijas

Day 2 involved the same sleep and beach schedule, but there was a bit of traveling involved. I ended up going to Mijas (pictured above), Spain which is a beach that’s about an hour via bus from Málaga. One of my co-teachers told me I must visit and I did (for only 8 euros roundtrip)! The bus schedule can be a little frustrating because many of the beach transportation options are not well-marked or nonexistent. But honestly, who can really complaing after sitting under a straw umbrella all day?  

All relaxing

Málaga is a city-beach town that I had no intention of returning to this year. I just wanted to do Granada and Sevilla, but I’m glad I went. Unlike the traveling I’ve been doing all year, this was purely a trip to relax. I didn’t have to rush to see a tourist attraction. I didn’t have to create an itinerary. I didn’t have to be anywhere at a certain time. I didn’t have to rush for a flight in 48 hours. I was going with the flow of the day, eating delicious meals (pizza and wine are the two things that are constant in my life) and baking in the sun. The vegetable paella was also a hit, probably the best I’ve had in Spain! Stay tuned for part 2 that includes my adventures in Granada!

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