Weekend Winery Tour: El Fabulista

by Sojourner
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Two weekends ago was filled with a beautiful picnic with friends and another winery visit, this time in Laguardia to see El Fabulista and snap photos at Ysios. El Fabulista isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing bodega like Marques de Riscal, but out of all the wineries it’s been recommended the most by expats and locals. With a friend coming to visit from Madrid, I figured it would be the perfect time to visit a bodega in Laguardia without the fog. Up and early we were off!

Underground wineries

I can see why people love El Fabulista. Ontañón comes in a close second, but this tour had the most personality of all 5 visits I’ve done.  The guide was more interactive, cracked more jokes and tried to quiz us here and there on information he mentioned earlier. It was also underground, which I think added to the old, classic vibe (bring a sweater, it can get chilly). Lastly, the wine is one-of-kind…literally. The only place in the entire world where anyone can buy this wine is in Laguardia. How exclusive! I took advantage of the opportunity and ended up buying a 3-bottle package. Will all of them make it home? We’ll see…

Red wine vs. moscato

One new piece of information I learned was a difference between red wine and moscato. According to the tour guide, the difference in color is in the grape skin. To make the red wine, the skin sits in the fermentation process longer than moscato, hence the deeper reds in red wine and the lighter pink of moscato. Grape skin is the key element in making red wine since it gives the wine flavor the longer it sits. White wine comes from green grapes and in most cases has a slightly different process than red wine and the wineries here seem to favor red over white. Every visit I’ve been on has mentioned that white wine is made elsewhere on the winery land thus they keep red and white separate.

Enjoying life at Bodega Ysios

My friends and I also decided to go to Ysios for a mini-photoshoot (above)! Ysios and Marques de Riscal probably tie for the prettiest wineries I’ve ever seen, with Ysios having a slight edge in my opinion. I’m an arts kid at heart so I appreciate the architecture and couldn’t leave La Rioja without some photos as keepsakes. I will miss weekends such as these when I leave in June because winery tourists and day trips are activities I won’t have as much back home. It was a great weekend filled with many laughs and the most perfect weather anyone could ask for in March!


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