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Sojournies is a travel education platform for millennial travelers who want to go abroad and understand their impact on the world as they chase their career dreams. Yes, it's possible!

Hey, I'm Sojourner!

I believe travel is about unlearning what we think we know about the world. As an international social worker by profession and travel educator by passion, I provide you with the resources and tools to go abroad and unpack the complexities of your travel experiences. Allow me to help you plan intentionally, travel responsibly, and live vicariously through yourself.

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How Sojournies Invests in You

Travel Tips and Guides

Looking for cheap flights? Want to explore on a budget? Check out my best travel resources that will get you on the move.

School, Internships, and Fellowships Abroad

For students and/or professionals who want to infuse travel into their careers, this is your resource library for success.

Services & Advising

I can help you plan a dream trip, infuse cultural immersion experiences in your adventures, or secure that perfect fellowship or internship. Let's connect to make it happen.

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