A Colorful Day in Pamplona

by Sojourner
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I’m a sucker for colorful houses and there were many to choose from in Pamplona! I went for a day as a quick escape from Logroño and to enjoy the warmer weather we’ve been having lately. When making my travel itinerary for Spain this time around, Pamplona was high on that list since it’s so close to me so I was sure to squeeze it in. Day trips are essential to making the most of a three-day weekend as a Teaching Assistant since I don’t work on Fridays.  Pamplona turned out to be a calm addition to  the weekend.

Pamplona is most famous for the Running of the Bulls called San Fermin which occurs in July. I preferred coming in March because Spanish festivals can be rowdy without bulls, so I’m sure with that added excitement the city has a whole different vibe. As far as tourist attractions there isn’t too much to see in Pamplona which was nice because we didn’t feel rushed. Sometimes going to different countries or cities can be draining because you have to cram so many sights into 48 hours or so. There were a few plazas to see, including Plaza San Francisco and Plaza del Castillo, as well as their old fortress called La Ciudadela. The city itself reminded me a bit of Logroño, only bigger. ​

The city hall is what I recognized most of Pamplona. Every time I looked up the city, this building always popped up! It’s quite stunning and the picture doesn’t do it justice. The detail is so intricate for a government building. I also loved the 4 flags on it, which I saw on multiple buildings as well. Though I’m not certain, I think the green one represents Navarra’s relationship with Basque Country and its influence on their culture since many signs were in Euskera (the Basque language). The red/yellow one represents Spain, the blue one represents the European Union and the red one represents Pamplona’s autonomous community, Navarra.

A goal I had this year was to go to every region of Spain. This probably won’t happen, but now I know I can cross Navarra (Pamplona’s comunidad) off my list. It felt nice to just sit outside a cafe, drink tea, and hang out with a friend/co-worker. We event got a cheap and tasty menu at a Chinese restaurant. Spain knows how to relax and I’m forever thankful to the culture for teaching me how.

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