Airbnb Unique Stays Tips and Review

by Sojourner

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Are you itching to try a more adventurous stay? The “unique stays” option on Airbnb is my new favorite way to travel. They are perfect for those mini-vacations and getaways where you want to explore, and also relax in the accommodations you paid for. You can get the best of both worlds to satisfy the homebodies and the adventurers on your trip. Also, hosts get very creative with the design and of course this makes them perfect for a little travel photoshoot. If you are curious and want to know more, here is a review of my experience and tips for using the Airbnb unique stays option.

How to find Airbnb unique stays

To find Airbnb unique stays is half the battle! Even though unique stays on Airbnb are on the homepage (after a short scroll), it still gets overlooked. Just as you input information into a non-unique stay, you do the same thing with unique stays. With the search bar at the top, choose your location, check in and check out dates (use a range if you are flexible), and the number of guests. Your location can be by state, country, or city. Use what makes sense for you!

Finding the coolest Airbnb unique stays

With the tiny houses, school buses, tree houses and more, each one offers their own vibe and utilities to match. Think about the kind of amenities you want and make a list. What is non-negotiable for your trip? Some of the more secluded options may not have heat or air. Others deep in the woods may have a bathroom outside. You can filter these needs on the website during your search too. 

This blue school bus is one of the best Airbnb unique stays

You know it’s a good day when you’re looking for a treehouse and you find an adorable school bus instead. Located in Conover, Wisconsin (WI) I stayed in this full-size school bus for a weekend with my sister. It had a full size refrigerator, a queen bed, a twin bed, a stove, a toilet, and running water. Erica, one of the hosts, baked bread from scratch, made us jam, and left a bottle of wine. There was also a beautiful garden on the property where we could pick some vegetables, if we wanted.

Filter the type of stay you’re looking for and create lists

In addition to filtering amenities, you can also filter unique stays. Depending on the location you can choose castles, barns, huts, tiny houses, treehouses, and more. The filters show you what type of stay is available in your location as well. Filtering your stay with these options can help your research stage too! To keep track of your options, remember to create a list based on the destination, or even what kind of Airbnb unique stays you want. This is an easy way to organize your searches in one place to come review them later.

Figure out what’s around the Airbnb

Unique stays on Airbnb are exciting accommodations, and you may want to stay-in the entire trip. That’s totally fine! Do you because it’s your trip and unique stay experience. However, if you do want to explore the surrounding area, do some research ahead of time. Some Airbnb unique stays are located outside or near big cities. However, many are in smaller destinations. You may find that it’s hard to research activities if the accommodation is located in a less touristy destination. In this case, lean on the Airbnb host. They can probably offer a variety of recommendations.  

If you stay in the school bus, here are key takeaways

A school bus can be fun, however it is not a hotel, hostel, or regular Airbnb. On the school bus there is no heat, however I went in early September and it was fine overnight. Travelers who get cold easily should pack layers to wear at night and extra blankets. In the morning however, Erica recommended opening the oven for 15 minutes at 400 degrees to get some warmth. This worked! The toilet is filled with wood chips, not regular water to flush and the bus is also parked behind the hosts’ property. It’s very secluded and quiet.

Overall, I had an incredible time and would recommend Erica and Tim’s school bus 1000x over. They were the best hosts I’ve ever had and I can tell they put a ton of thought into their listing. From the lighting to the bus aesthetics, I could have happily stayed for a few extra days. Oh and as it’s off the grid, there is no wi-fi. Remember to print out directions and get comfortable using the maps Erica offers. Airbnb unique stays for the win!  

Pack games and food if you stay inside the Airbnb

Every now and again you need that trip where you relax and do absolutely nothing! And an Airbnb unique stay is the perfect place to do it. Sometimes you need to get away to focus and re-center. Bring games, books, journals, and whatever else you want to use to pass the time. For the avid cooks who want to stay in and eat, plan those meals and go grocery shopping in the destination or beforehand. Plus, depending on the unique stay, the adventure is all in the accommodations. You don’t even have to leave. 

To conclude…

Airbnb unique stays are a cool option to keep travel and your accommodations interesting. They even have tiny houses, which are excellent for those intimate and secluded getaways. They also make for great fall travel ideas. It’s not every day you stay in a school bus, floating home, or farm. And to be honest, we can all use a break every now and again, so why not get out of your comfort zone and into an Airbnb unique stay? It’s 100% worth it and makes for a memorable experience! You deserve it, so find those unique Airbnbs near you. 

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