As Seen on Tik Tok by Sojournies: Travel and Work Abroad

by Sojourner

Let’s travel and work abroad! Hello, I’m Sojourner White from Sojournies. I’m so happy to connect with you. This page is where you can locate information, tips, and resources mentioned in my Tik Toks. Be sure to bookmark it to refer back to later. I will try to keep all relevant posts and links updated. You don’t want to miss out.

Thanks for watching, reading, and supporting!

– Sojourner

International Fellowship, Internship, and Career Resources to Travel and Work Abroad

The blog posts listed below are your resource library to applying and securing international fellowships such as Fulbright. Read, implement, and enjoy!


– 20 Overseas Fellowships to Travel and Work Abroad

– 10 Tips to Win International Fellowships

– Fulbright Scholarship: 7 Tips For Your Application

– 15 Master’s Degrees to Pursue Abroad

– Career Spotlight: Everything to Know About International Social Work

– Internships Abroad: Where to Find the Perfect One for You

– How to Apply for a Fulbright Scholarship

– Work Abroad and Travel: As Told by Fellowship Alum

– Tips on Traveling While in Grad School

– 23 Master’s, Fellowships, and Teaching Programs to Apply For

– 6 Tips to Know Before Applying for Fulbright

Black Travel Resources

The blog posts below are curated for all my fellow Black travelers! The tips and stories in these posts were crafted and told for us, by us.

– Black Hair Abroad Packing List

– 13 Tools and Tips on Traveling with Natural Hair

– What Part of Africa Are You From? Traveling While Black

– Sis, Let’s GO: 10 Travel Tips for Black Women

– Being Black in Europe: As Told By Black Americans

– Black in Spain: Advice for Black American Travelers

Let’s Unpack That Series (Written Version)

The blogs posts below are written versions of my video series “Let’s Unpack That.” For those who want to read more about why it’s important to unpack our travel privileges. Travel is beautiful, but there is a lot more than meets the eye.

– Social Identities in Travel

– Social Constructs in Travel

– Accessibility Privilege and Ableism in Travel

– Ethnocentrism in Travel

– Voluntourism in Travel

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