Hostel Review: Mama’s Home Tulum

by Sojourner

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Mama’s Home Tulum is one of the first Mexican hostels that pop up when searching for Tulum hostels. I don’t normally go for the first thing I find, but I fell in love with it online while researching budget friendly hostels in the Yucatan Peninsula. I instantly adored the colorful photos, the breakfast included in the bed price, and its proximity to the best places to visit in Tulum. Also, all the reviews on Hostelworld raved about the staff hospitality. Here’s a recap of one of the best hostels in Mexico, Mama’s Home Tulum.


         My Trip Itinerary with Mama’s Home         

Stay: May 1st to May 3rd, 2018 (2 nights)

Room: Standard 6 Bed Mixed Dorm

Trip Type: Solo Travel, Backpacker, Solo Female Traveler

Booked With: Hostelworld



 If you are new reader, know that I am a budget traveler and love hostel life. Even though Tulum is known for its eco-resorts, they are not the cheapest accommodations in the area. The resorts are located on the beach, but Mama’s Home is in Tulum Pueblo (Tulum Town) where a lot of the action happens. I read a few reviews on Mama’s Home before booking, and those bloggers all agreed it had a great atmosphere for solo travelers, group travelers, and anyone who wanted to get social with new people. Trusting their opinions, I booked it!





Mama’s Home Tulum is one of the cheap hostels in Mexico. For two days, I purchased a room and breakfast for $32 USD. This was the most thoughtful breakfast I’ve experienced at a hostel! You can’t beat the very affordable price tag, especially if there are other aspects of your trip where you want to spend more money. In addition to the hostel price, the money for the colectivo or taxi commute to other areas of Tulum still amounts to less than a resort. The price tag makes Mama’s Home Tulum one of the cheapest and best hostels in Tulum.



Mama’s Home was a few blocks away from the bus station, and a colectivo or taxi ride to the Tulum ruins and/or the beachy resorts. As mentioned previously, Mama’s Home Tulum is in Tulum Pueblo, meaning you will not have a view of the beach from the hostel. Those housing options are in the hotel zone. Like Cancún hostels, some Tulum hostels can possibly be closer to the resort and hotel area (if that is where you want to be), however it is easy to take a colectivo or taxi to get to the beach. But I loved the location of Mama’s Home!


Dorm Style and Bathroom

Mama’s Home Tulum offers basic bunk beds and dorm-style rooms, with up to 8 people per dorm. Since I stayed in the 6-person dorm, there were 3 sets of bunk beds. But, there are private rooms available for 2 or 4 people for those looking for a smaller setting. There were also lockers available to use, and a self-regulated air conditioner.

The bathroom is located across the hall from the room! I stayed in the corner room in the back, so it was rather close to access. Even though there was only one, I had no problem getting in and out when necessary.

Breakfast at Mama’s Home Tulum


I would be lying if I said I didn’t book Mama’s Home for the meals too! As I read the reviews on Hostelworld, everyone mentioned how epic they can be to their guests. I got to enjoy this both mornings! Since the staff knows everyone’s dietary restrictions, they’re made-to-order breakfast options. I would go back, just for the meals. Not lying or exaggerating.

Common Areas

Since it isn’t a large hostel, there weren’t many common areas in Mama’s Home.  The biggest one is the lobby/eating area, as it sits in the middle of the hostel itself. Nevertheless, people hung out and played games. Mama’s Home has themed nights and activities to build community within the hostel. I came on a live music night and got to enjoy a musical group from the area. I loved it, and it was something I’ve never seen offered in-house!

Cleanliness and Comfort

As far as comfort, I felt at peace while staying at Mama’s Home. I am a heavy sleeper, thus there isn’t much that wakes me up. The mattress was good, no bed bugs (which is a common fear I hear from people about hostels), and the bunk beds were not creaky. I never thought myself and the others were crammed in the room, meaning the shared space made room for everyone. The air-conditioner came in handy for those hot days of returning to Mama’s Home, after a day of sight-seeing the beaches and ruins. It was a well-utilized luxury to aide in my comfort post-heat!



The Wi-Fi connection in my room at Mama’s Home was a little funky at first, but once I disconnected then reconnected I was fine. I wouldn’t recommend FaceTiming or Skyping in the back room where I stayed. You may get better service in the dining areas! You can also use the Wi-Fi information upon check-in and it is yours to use until checkout.



I had no issues at Mama’s Home! I never felt uncomfortable or anything. Do remember to bring a lock for your room locker!


Staff, Check-In, and Check-Out Info

The staff was very personal at Mama’s Home. They knew my name, dietary restrictions, and gave me all the information I needed to enjoy my stay in Tulum. I arrived midday and the staff was ready to greet me with my reservation ready. Check-in is at 3pm and check out is 11am. They even had me pay after my stay during check-out, which is rare. The staff does not accept credit cards, so have some cash on you!  


Similar with Hostel Candelaria in Valladolid, they are both very colorful. This makes Mama’s Home easy to see whether you are walking around during the day or night. You can’t miss their bright blue sign! There are hammocks around the facility, and a long wooden table in the middle of the hostel. The sugar skull murals are a nice cultural touch blended with all the colors. To say it’s cute is an understatement.

Would I recommend Mama’s Home Tulum?

 Absolutely! Mama’s Home is in a prime location at the center of town, the price is beyond ideal for travelers on a budget, and the breakfast is now my new favorite hostel breakfast ever. There is a friendly atmosphere among the staff and other visitors too. It is an additional bonus that the staff goes the extra mile to know every visitor’s name, face, and dietary restrictions for the breakfast. Mama’s Home has the reputation of being one of the best hostels in Tulum, and I agree. I can’t imagine staying elsewhere on a budget. I do hope to plan a friend trip to Tulum one day, and if they are ready for that hostel life, we will stay at Mama’s Home!


Thanks for reading! To remember Mama’s Home, PIN for later!

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