A Conversation on Black Hair Care Abroad

by Sojourner
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Travel is entirely rewarding. However, the most rewarding thing about traveling while black is meeting other black travelers who connect with you on such a deep, understanding level when it comes to yo’ natural hair. Girl, I know. These straight-haired girls can’t relate (sorry y’all, next time). While traveling through Europe and meeting people from all walks of life was quite the experience, I’ve always felt a little left out because I didn’t have anyone to connect with when it came to my natural coils. Sometimes, I’ll have a bad hair day and I just need someone to tell me, “Girl… what’s going on with yo’ head” instead of hearing blissful compliments like, “Your hair looks great,” after I say it’s not. Traveling through places without an ounce of black hair in sight can be taunting, and at times, I found myself alone…until I found a sista that lifted my spirits the minute we started conversing.

This month, I had the wonderful opportunity of speaking with Travel Blogger, The Sojournies, about her natural hair maintenance, go-to products, condescending commentary, and advice. Read all about TheSojournies and how she rocks her natural hair in each country-of-choice.

For the full interview, check out Shut Up and Go!

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