10 Black Travel Businesses to Support

by Sojourner

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Black travel businesses are booming! The Black travel movement is in full-force with no signs of stopping (nor should it). Though many Black-Americans showcase their Blackness year-round, Black History Month is an extra special time to show some love. Your fellow African-Americans, and those across the diaspora, are reclaiming our thirst to travel. As many of us are descendants of the African Diaspora, we have always been a global people. Due to colonization and slavery, it is not easy to connect to our roots and embody wanderlust when there’s a history of racism and oppression that plagues it.

Our travels allow us to reclaim our land, our history, and our people. Some of those Black travelers have even created Black travel businesses. From itineraries to group trips to accommodations for us and by us, they inspire more people to do the same. Here are Black travel businesses to support this month (and every month, but especially this month) to honor Black people in the travel world.

Latin Lituation hosted by the Roaming Republic!

The Roaming Republic

Founded by Cass and Cedric, The Roaming Republic burst onto the travel space with some of the best group travel photos to ever cross Instagram called #BAHTandBoujee. Realizing their passion for travel and bringing people together, Ced and Cass curated group trips to places such as Thailand, Morocco, and Costa Rica after launching The Roaming Republic in 2018. A mix of luxury living and immersive cultural experiences, The Roaming Republic gives you an adventure you won’t forget with photoshoots and friends that will last long after you return home. Cedric passed away last May, however Cass has kept his spirit and their bond alive through The Roaming Republic with the help of the community her and Ced built.

Jakiya waiting to help you live your best life!

The Traveling Fro

Jakiya quit her corporate job to travel the world, but found an even deeper purpose along the way. With over 6 years of marketing experience, she paired her love of Blackness, travel, and marketing into one as a Brand Builder. She who helps anyone (traveler or not) to grow their online presence into a business. Now based in Senegal, she is hosting  her second retreat! Jakiya also offers one-on-one consultations, an Instagram branding course called ‘Gram with Purpose, workshops, and so much more on her site The Traveling Fro.  

I interned with Jakiya to learn more about entrepreneurship, branding, and marketing in 2018 and I saw firsthand her drive and passion for her craft.  I am currently in the ‘Gram with Purpose course. If you are serious about building your brand or business, she is the one you need. So check Jakiya out as she helps her tribe create the life they want to live!

Pick Innclusive for your next stay!


After a discriminatory experience with Airbnb, Rohan created Innclusive for marginalized populations who faced similar situations while traveling. They’re building a place where you can travel with respect, dignity, and love. This is regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other forms of discrimination. Innclusive is of course, Black-owned too! Their platform allows you to rent affordable housing in 130+ countries around the world. Additionally, the platform offers city guides, events and more. Be sure to browse their website for your next travel accommodations. 

The Black Travel Planning company you need!


Briona is a Black traveler and periodic expat who created the Black travel business Buoyant to help Black travelers see the world. Buoyant hosts events, group trips, and offers a $49/year membership called Club Buoyant. Buoyant was created with Black travel, group economics and Black joy in mind. This includes curating a directory of Black-owned businesses for you to patronize during your travels.

After two stints of living in London, one of which included a free master’s degree, Briona has invested in acquiring skills such as trip planning and social media marketing. Trips to the Philippines, Morocco, Romania, Germany, Ghana, and many more, inspired Briona to create Buoyant. Enlist in Buoyant’s services ASAP! Buoyant’s most recent group trip was to Ghana for the highly-anticipated Year of the Return in December 2019.

Courtland empowering the youth!

Fly for the Culture

Created to make aviation more diverse and inclusive, we have Fly for the Culture! They offer disadvantaged and minority youth exposure to a wide range of career options in aviation. They provide tours of airport facilities, aircraft manufacturer operations, and aviation maintenance repair facilities, and more. Based out of North Carolina and founded by Courtland Savage, a former Air Force Reserve Crew chief and current regional airline pilot, Fly for the Culture also offers mentorship for those who want to pursue a career in aviation. You can support by donating, volunteering, or purchasing Fly for the Culture merchandise

Gabby abroad!

Packs Light

Gabby is a sassy adventurer, Travel Blogger, and Opportunity Expert behind the Black travel business Packs Light. She shares thousands of travel opportunities on her blog for people to pursue short-term travel experiences. The passion Gabby has for her business comes from winning a Boren Award. She headed to Dubai to study abroad and has been inspiring others to travel on someone else’s dime ever since.

Gabby even created the Young Traveler’s Network Facebook Group to help connect young travelers everywhere. If you’re interested in traveling abroad, check out the Packs Light Shop and subscribe to her Masterlist Membership. The list offers tons of free travel opportunities. You can also pay to pick Gabby’s brain, or buy her Pitch Tracker for your own business.  With Gabby’s proven track record of getting young travelers abroad, you’ll be sure to be inspired and traveling for free in no time. 

The creators of Las Morenas de España!

Las Morenas de España

Though focused on Black women traveling in and around Spain, Las Morenas de España has grown immensely since its inception in 2012. Sienna and Dani have grown from a resource on living in Spain for expats to retreats and courses geared towards you becoming your best self abroad professionally and personally. They offer a course on mastering your move abroad and LMDES Getaways in Javea and Granada, Spain. Full of Black girl magic to give you that transatlantic glow, LMDES is the business you need to check out. 

I’ve had the pleasure to work firsthand with Dani and Sienna as a contributor a few years ago, and it is one of the reasons why Sojournies still exists today. But don’t let the name fool you – everyone can learn a lot from the women behind this platform to get you moving your dream life abroad.

Hermon and Heroda (Insta: @being_her) rocking their Travel Eat Slay merch!

Travel Eat Slay

Based in London, England, Travel Eat Slay is a community-driven Black travel company. Founded by Caroline, they are dedicated to changing travel perceptions one day trip at a time. They host day trips around Europe, showing travelers the beauty of making the most of what’s closest to you. To support Travel Eat Slay, you buy their merchandise or attend any their events such as brunches, pain and sips, and more. Travel Eat Slay also hosts group trips to Prague, Oslo, Budapest and more, including other experiences that helps you find the travel community right for you.

Founder of Nomadness and Audacity Fest

Nomadness Travel Tribe and Audacity Fest

As one of the pioneers of the Black travel movement we have today, Evita Robinson founded Nomadness Travel Tribe in 2011. One of the early Black travel businesses, Nomadness aims to represent the underrepresented demographic in mainstream travel. With a Facebook group of 20,000 members to connect with other Black travelers they are living up to their mission. The Nomadness Merch shop is one way Evita and her team have branched off into more travel ventures.

Their newest venture is Audacity Fest, which further builds upon their mission to serve as a safe space for Black and brown travelers. The festival gathers like minds in travel from around the world. At Audacity Fest they build ideas, meet travel influencers, and experience parts of the world through on site activations. The day includes panels, one-on-one fireside chats, international music & DJs, celebrity appearances, food, vendors, and community love. Audacity Fest is headed to New York in August this year, so get your tickets ASAP!

Support Black and Abroad through their merch, trips, and more!

Black and Abroad

Since 2015, Black and Abroad has been repping all things related to Black travel. They are now a Black travel business that leads trips to Colombia, Ghana, Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania. “Explore, Embrace, Empower” are the three principles that guide their work. Black and Abroad prides themselves on curating international, culturally conscious luxury & adventure travel moments for Black travelers.

However, they also provide a crowd-sourced information hub for urban explorers. If you are a travel writer, check out their contribute page to share your story. You can also become a Black and Abroad Intern through their opportunities such as a Marketing or Audio/Visual Intern!  Be sure to buy some of their merchandise, such as pins, t-shirts and hats on their website here. For more travel inspiration, check out the Black and Abroad Instagram page.

Me, traveling Greece! The travel glow is real.

Travel is inherently a privilege and I am forever grateful for the Black travel movement. It has inspired myself and thousands of others to explore the world in ways we could have never imagined. As Black travelers we should see the world! We should also remember the impact we have as we move around in countries that are not our own. I’m sure there are more Black travel businesses out there, however these are some for you to start exploring now.  Support Black travel businesses and Black travelers, forever! Drop some that I missed in the comments.

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