Black Travel Groups to Join and Inspire You to Travel

by Sojourner

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In case you have not heard, Black travel groups are poppin’ and here to stay! From Facebook groups to travel companies, there are many groups out here inspiring Black travelers to go abroad. As Black travelers spend $130 billion dollars globally, we are big in the travel industry and growing. The Black travel movement is changing the way we travel as Black people and how we travel the world. You can find Black women travel groups and other Black travel communities to find your travel buddies. 

And while all of them encourage you to seek experiences with people in your race, they are not limited to solely associating with Black people. The Black travel groups mentioned encourage you to go outside your comfort zone and explore the destinations too. These Black travel communities cultivate and plan immersive cultural experiences to learn more about the destination, its culture, and its people. You may even find your Black travel buddies along the way! 

Black travel companies who plan your trip

The Roaming Republic

One of the many Black travel businesses, The Roaming Republic is also one of the hottest Black travel groups around right now. Started by Cass and the late Ced, The Roaming Republic curates trips for Black people looking for a luxury escape. According to their website, they believe that the concept of home should not be limited to a location or a series of walls. Instead it should be cultivated in the community, atmosphere, and experiences they create wherever they go. They are also responsible for their popular speed dating series on Clubhouse and on their Instagram.

The Wind Collective

Co-founded by Clé and Doyin, The Wind Collective is a global travel community expressing freedom through adventure and creativity. They travel not to escape, but to truly discover how to be better, do more, and embrace this beautiful place that we call Earth. How beautiful is that mission and vision that goes perfectly with their Instagram page? The Wind Collective has taken trips to Ghana, Sri Lanka, India, and more. If any of those destinations are on your list, do not hesitate to read more about them and join this Black travel company for a future trip.

Black Travel Club

Another organization that hosts group trips is the Black Travel Club. They are building a member’s only community of Black travelers to help you discover new places and experiences, connect with other Black travelers, and explore together. Destinations you can choose from are Brazil, Dubai, Jamaica, and Turkey. The Black Travel Club also offers custom trips with travel itineraries if you do not want to plan your adventure yourself. Be sure to check out the Black Travel Club’s Instagram for travel inspiration too.

Black travel groups to join on Facebook

Blaxit Tribe – Black Americans Who Want to Move Abroad

At this moment, this Black travel group has almost 12,000 members on Facebook. Blaxit is a term used to describe Black Americans who make their exit from the U.S and entrance into expat life. The Blaxit group is showing that there are Black travel communities around the globe. You can find tips from people living in Mexico, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Colombia, Panama, and many more. Ask and you shall read where people have Blaxited around the world. Find Black travel buddies in this group or inquire about visa, housing, and other travel information for your move. Join in on the fun, knowledge sharing, and inspiration to make that big move abroad.

She Travels the Globe (a Black travel group for women)

While this group is more for leisure travel, it is one of my favorites. Founded by Erika Martin, She Travels the Globe is one of the best Black travel groups on Facebook. The women in this Black travel community share informative and knowledge tips from their travels that will inspire you to create your own. You can find Airbnb recommendations, destination tips, and even ask for recommendations yourself. Someone is sure to respond!  Also check out Erika’s website which was the inspiration for the Facebook group.

Black to Portugal

For those looking to move to Portugal, Black to Portugal has the information you need. Another Facebook group, the expats in this group offer tips for Blaxit to this gorgeous Western European country. If you have questions on Black hair care in Portugal, how to move to Portugal legally, pursuing higher education, etc., then this group probably has the answer. Do not be afraid to search the group and/or ask for the information you seek.

Black Expats in Mexico

Are you interested in moving to Mexico? Well if so, you are in luck. Black Expats in Mexico is a Facebook group that would be perfect for you. Similar to other Black travel groups on this list, with Black Expats in Mexico you can find out about the ins and outs about living  in Mexico. As you prepare to move you can use this resource to ask about Spanish language tutors, tips on choosing a neighborhood, community events, and more.

Bellas Morenas: España

Black in Spain? No problem. If you have decided to make Spain your new home, Bellas Morenas can help with that. This Black travel community is particularly for Black women who want to call Spain home. Search this group for recommendations on where to live, how to connect with other Black women in the country, etc. Want more than Bella Morenas? Check out the platform Las Morenas de España for more information on being a Black woman in Spain. Or read my post on being Black in Spain from a Black American perspective.

Black Expats & Travelers Tulum

While you can join the larger Black Expats in Mexico group, this one is destination-specific for Tulum. As one of the most popular destinations, it is no surprise there is a Black expat community in Tulum. The Black Expats & Travelers Tulum Facebook group can be a resource for that move. From job opportunities to apartment hunting, these Black expats can guide you into a new life in Tulum. You can also go beyond the touristy hot spots and get to know more about Tulum away from social media hotspots. 

Black travel communities are necessary! Not only do they provide opportunities to meet new people, but they help you find like-minded travelers with your shared identity. You learn from the people you travel with just as much as you learn from the destination you all visit. Get your passport, visa, and funds ready for an extraordinary adventure with these groups. You will not regret it!

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