5 Fall Bucket List Ideas To Do with Friends

by Sojourner

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Coming from the Midwest, fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year. It’s also the perfect time to plan and pursue fun fall activities with friends or family. And with the coronavirus still around (ahem wear your mask), we have to get creative with travel and maximize our time. Sometimes this means traveling where we are and creating our own adventures. If you’re looking for some safe activities to do with friends, here are a few fall bucket list ideas to check off.

*Take a COVID-19 test and quarantine prior to prevent the spread of the virus to your friends/family!*

1) Apple picking at an apple orchard

Some come for the hayride, others come for the corn maze, but everyone comes for the apples! Apple picking is a chill, outside-friendly activity with delicious snacks too. If you’re in Wisconsin, Apple Holler is the place I would recommend. You get a bag of apples (¼ peck) for $15. Not only can you pick apples, most orchards have other fresh and sweet treats such as apple cider donuts, apple strudels, and hot or cold apple cider. Grab a few friends and family and find the nearest apple orchard near you! It’s one of the perfect fall bucket list ideas. 

2) Chasing waterfalls on a road trip

Exploring the outdoors to see waterfalls has been a highlight of my 2020 travels. Whether you rent a car or use your own, crafting a road trip that stops to see nature is a must. Wear comfortable shoes to avoid slipping and falling, and pack your bug spray because they love the water too! If you are in the Wisconsin or Michigan area, or willing to drive to these areas, check out Bond Falls and Agate Falls in Upper Michigan.  Road trips with limited contact with people are key for COVID-19 friendly adventures. Be sure to pack food or get takeout for your meals to limit your social interaction with locals too.

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3) Fall picnic and photoshoot for the memories

Most people think picnics are just for spring and summer, however that’s not true – at all. A good fall picnic should definitely be on your fall bucket list ideas to spend time with friends or family. Bring your favorite foods and drinks, a few blankets and chairs, and that portable speaker from your hike for background music. A picnic is a relaxing way to enjoy the company of loved ones and take in the outdoors. And if you’re in a destination that gets cold weather and snow, fall is the season to take advantage of the weather before winter comes. 

Looking to turn your picnic into a photoshoot and have someone plan it for you? Started by Jenna Buck, the business Company & Cheer does just that! You can tailor it for your needs, including a theme or even making your picnic a brand photoshoot for your social media or website. Company & Cheer also allows you to bring your own food or pay to have it ready for you upon arrival. Jenna handles the picnic design, table setting, and utensils so all you have to do is show up! 

4) Hiking picturesque trails nearby

Hiking is a fall bucket list idea for anyone who loves to indulge in fall foliage and fresh air. As you make your way across a trail, you can see how the leaves change from green to red, orange, and yellow. It’s a healthy way to keep yourself moving and active. Bring lots of water to stay hydrated and pack food such as sandwiches, grapes, cucumbers, apples, etc. to eat for lunch. Also, dress in layers so it’s easy to take clothing on or off based on the intensity of your hike. Wisconsin or Midwest travelers, check out the Ice Age Trail as your hiking trail of choice! It’s marked and you can earn a badge to reward yourself when you’re done.  

This is also an ideal opportunity to hang out with friends because you will have down time to catch up. Since you won’t be hiking every minute, you all can cook together or watch movies in between. Rent an Airbnb, buy tons of food to plan your meals, and make it a friend weekend. A hiking trip is also superb for that remote work life. If you all pick an Airbnb with Wi-Fi, you can travel from Friday to Monday and build in time to get work done if necessary. 

5) Book a unique stay on Airbnb for the weekend

Speaking of Airbnb, unique stays on Airbnb are some of the best hidden secrets out here. Though it may not be on your original list of fall bucket list ideas, finding a unique stay on Airbnb needs to be added. From treehouses to school buses to tiny houses, the unique stay option is a creative way to make an adventure out of your accommodations. They are also ideal for a secluded road trip, girls weekend, or romantic getaway! Even though I’m normally a die-hard hostel fan, Airbnbs are slowly becoming my favorite. For those who may be debating between hostels and Airbnbs, this post here can help you pick the right option. However, unique stays on Airbnb are winning this round. 

In conclusion…

Get out there and enjoy these fall bucket list ideas with your friends! Yes, there is A LOT going on in the world right now and it’s hard to stay focused. However, you don’t want this time to pass you by! You can cherish these moments with your loved ones by bonding on any of these fall excursions. There is an adventure for everybody. If you have the time and funds to make any of these fall activities happen, seize the moment and do it. 

Interested in Airbnb unique stays? Check out this post for all the best tips and tricks to book!

What kind of fall bucket list ideas do you have? Any fall activities in particular you’re excited to do? Tell me in the comments.

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