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Oh hey there friend! This is Sojourner here answering my most frequently asked questions about my career path, travel experiences, and other nuggets of information.



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How did Sojournies start?

Sojournies started as a study abroad blog when I was a Spanish major going to Granada, Spain for five months. From there it has evolved with me as I taught English abroad as a Fulbright Fellow, studied International Social Work, spent a summer in Berlin as a grad school intern, and now as I travel and work remotely solo via plane and train.

Are you full-time?

No. As of January 2024, I am not a full-time travel entrepreneur.

What are your degrees in?

I have Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Spanish and Women’s and Gender Studies from Bradley University. I have a Master of Social Work and my concentration was International Development and I specialized in Social Entrepreneurship from the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis.

How do you make money?

As of January 2024, I work my 9-5 as a remote social worker in which pays me a salary that I use to travel. I do not feel comfortable disclosing my current salary on the internet so please do not ask, DM, nor email me. I also get paid to create travel content and for my travel journalism, however that varies from time to time.

How do you afford to travel so much?

To add to the previous question, I have also created a lifestyle that prioritizes travel. I studied abroad in Spain using my FAFSA. I taught English abroad on a fully-funded fellowship through Fulbright. I had an internationally-focused degree in International Social Work that afforded me the opportunity to spend a summer interning in Berlin. Now I work remotely as a social worker which allows me more location and travel flexibility to be a part-time digital nomad. I also moved home to lower my cost of living expenses. I do not own a car (which works well since I work remotely). And of course I have other travel privileges such as a US passport, traveling with USD, and more. Check out more resources on how to afford travel here!

As a social worker, do you have student loans from your MSW?

Yes. I have student loans from undergrad and grad school. I have been actively and aggressively paying them off; I hope to be debt-free by the end of 2024. I personally do not believe students should go into debt for a college education and encourage aspiring social workers to find a MSW program that will not burden them financially.

How can I become a remote social worker?

There are many ways to become a remote social worker. However, this varies based on your sector within social work and what your remote role looks like. “Remote social work” is not an official job title. I have a free “Remote Social Work 101 Guide” and a Remote Social Work Jobs Board where you can learn more about the various opportunities in the sector. 

What do you do as a remote social worker?

I have been a remote social worker since June 2020 and been a nontraditional social worker since grad school. Currently I work in research and evaluation consulting. This means I facilitate focus groups, interviews, write reports, lead workshops, etc.

How did you become a train traveler?

To be honest, I’ve always been a train traveler. I take the train from Milwaukee to Chicago often and rode the Amtrak to and from grad school often. But it wasn’t until my 52-hour train ride on Amtrak’s California Zephyr that I fell in love with scenic rides. That was July 2021 and I have been riding them ever since!

I’m scared to travel solo, how do I start?

In the beginning, solo travel can seem daunting so what you’re feeling is real. However, since my first solo trip in 2018 to Mexico, I have been obsessed and want you to branch out if you’re interested. But I recommend starting solo either locally or nationally in your country first. You can also go to movies alone at home – anything to get you comfortable being on your own is helpful! You can find more tips on my solo travel resources page.

How did you grow your social media channels?

I’ve been posting on social media since 2017. Over time I have studied and learned it between getting two degrees and traveling the world. It’s taken lots of practice, time, and consistency which has paid off with a great community and career opportunities in ways I could not have imagined.

If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring remote social workers what would it be?

Get out of your own head! Many of us get caught up in what we do instead of what we know (aka our hard, soft, and transferable skills). While there may be some upskiling and additional certifications & learning necessary to pivot into a remote social work role, it is not impossible.

If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring travelers what would it be?

Decide what you want to prioritize! Not many of us can just wake up and book a ticket abroad. It requires some strategy and saving. Figure out how you can cut costs on shopping, coffee, etc. to save for that travel fund. Everyone’s journey has to start somewhere!

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