34 Gifts for Train Travelers That They’ll LOVE

by Sojourner

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Finding gifts for train travelers is different from solo travelers or other types of travel. The best gifts for train travelers are simpler than avid, resort-traveling international tips. There is only so much you can do on a train trip, which is a more straightforward way to travel.

As someone who has taken multiple scenic train rides, I know the ins and outs of train travel! You can do many things alone to fill your time. So if you are looking for those train travel essentials, this post has the best gift ideas for train travelers. 

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Best train trip gifts 

1. Sleeping mask

Buying a sleeping mask is one of the most underrated gifts for train travelers. It is a simple comfort to have while on a train solo or for the first time to sleep in absolute darkness. A mask is also the perfect gift for Amtrak rides in roomettes as the hallway light stays on and can peek through your curtains. 

2. Noise-canceling headphones 

A must-have gift for train travelers is noise-canceling headphones. Trains can get loud at night, or you may want solitude and quiet during the day. My favorites are from Sony, and though they are pricey, these headphones are worth it.

3. Slippers

Comfort is critical on overnight, long-haul scenic train rides. And slippers are an obvious gift choice to add to that comfort. I recommend these slippers with open-toes if you like to air out your feet in the roomette or wear slippers with footies. 

4. Travel blanket 

Everyone loves to feel warm, fuzzy, and cozy. If you know your train traveler takes long scenic train rides, a travel blanket is a beautiful gift. While most overnight trains allow booking a room, such as the bedrooms or roomettes on Amtrak, an additional blanket may be necessary. 

5. Kindle

Avid book readers know that packing multiple books at once is a struggle. However, purchasing a Kindle makes reading while traveling easier. If you read numerous books simultaneously, this is the best option to pack light and have all the books a train traveler wants. 

6. Train hoodie

A comfortable way to commemorate a train traveler’s love of trains is with a hoodie. A train hoodie is a cute gift, especially because trains can get cold depending on the time of year. Therefore, it doubles as a thoughtful yet practical gift for an avid train traveler. 

7. Train keychain

One of the more dainty gifts for train travelers is a train keychain. The keychain size makes it perfect for train travelers to carry on or off the train. And it is a physical reminder for train lovers to play with and daydream about on their lunch breaks.

8. Train t-shirt

This is an excellent gift for the train traveler who loves t-shirts. A train t-shirt is a cute reminder of all of their train adventures. Your train traveler can even wear it on their next train trip, and they will have you in mind! 

9. Tablet

For a smaller screen, consider a tablet or iPad instead. For some travelers, laptops can be too bulky, so a tablet may be a better alternative for that train traveler you are shopping for to find the perfect gift! They are more compact, lighter, and easier to pack too. 

10. Coloring book & crayons

Though it may be one of the more unusual gifts for train travelers, a coloring book is a good idea. You need to keep yourself busy when you are on an overnight train ride for many days. A good coloring book and crayons remind most of us of childhood, and it’s a great way to relax on your train trip. 

11. Word searches, crosswords, and Sudoku

Many people think of word searches, crosswords, and Sudoku as activities for road trips. But they are also perfect for keeping your favorite train traveler busy on a scenic ride! A word search, crossword, or Sudoku can fill their time as they coast along some gorgeous sights. 

12. Around the World in 80 Trains book

A gift for train travelers list is only complete with a train book recommendation. To inspire the train traveler, consider the book Around the World in 80 Trains by Monisha Rajesh. The book takes readers from London to Tibet, which will keep your train traveler interested in rides worldwide.

13. Epic Train Journeys book

Another train book recommendation is Epic Train Journeys! With this book, a train traveler can be inspired by 50 scenic train rides worldwide. It inspires any train traveler looking to book their next ride.

14. Train mug

There’s nothing like a warm beverage on a scenic train ride. If the train traveler in your life loves coffee or tea, a train mug is the perfect gift. Not only will it remind them of their favorite rides, but they can also enjoy their morning cup of coffee. 

15. Train necklace

Some people commemorate their trips with shot glasses; some love other souvenirs. For train travelers who like the daintier things in life, consider gifting them a train necklace. It is easy to pack and can be worn often by your train traveler.

16. Train phone case

It is no surprise to anyone how important cell phones have become. A cute train travel phone case only adds to the necessity of having a cell phone. As they are walking and talking, everyone would also know they’re an avid train traveler. 

17. Train gift card

One of the best gifts for train travelers is a gift card. I recommend the Amtrak gift card if your train traveler is based in the U.S. However, if you are based in Europe, consider looking into those country-specific lines. 

18. Train journal

Writing is one of the many activities to avoid boredom on a train ride solo. Documenting your adventures can also be therapeutic and exciting, so why not give the gift of a train journal? The pages can hold all the thoughts and reflections of your favorite train traveler’s memories.

19. Train luggage tag

Losing luggage is a traveler’s nightmare. However, it is avoidable with luggage tags. These train travel-themed luggage tags are great as a gift for a train traveler. 

20. Train pillowcase

Purchasing a train pillowcase could be another gift for a train traveler. Many people travel with their favorite items; for some, that is a pillow. Add to that nostalgia by buying a train traveler a train-themed pillowcase.

21. Train wall art

Train wall art can be a visual reminder of a traveler’s love of trains. You can buy art of a train or even ask to blow up a train traveler’s favorite train photo to make it art. Either way, they will love it! 

22. Detours game

Activity games make traveling, in general, more fun. Detours is one of those games that gives you prompts to get you out of your comfort zone while traveling. Though some prompts do not apply to train trips, they can make the overnight ride more enjoyable, social, and thoughtful, depending on the prompt. 

23. Travel scarf

Though it may seem odd to give as a gift, a travel scarf is one of the more resourceful gifts for train travelers. A scarf is multi-purpose, so it comes in handy if you want to pack light. Give a train traveler in your life some much-needed comfort with a soft, flowy travel scarf. 

“Unusual” gifts for train lovers

Some gifts are more traditional (like the ones mentioned above). However, as a seasoned train traveler, I have more practical recommendations based on my train trips. Here are some slightly unusual gifts for train travelers. 

24. Audible membership

While reading physical books is fantastic, it is not for everyone! Therefore, an Audible membership may be a better idea as a gift for the train traveler.

25. Multi-port outlet 

Not having a multi-port outlet was a big mistake for me as a first-time Amtrak rider. I highly recommend packing one for your scenic train ride on Amtrak because there is only one port in a roomette. The multi-port from Mifaso makes charging all your technology easy.

26. Portable charger

As an avid solo traveler, I only travel with my portable charger. It is ideal for train trips if you want to capture many photos and videos. You can charge your devices without worrying if you need to sit next to an outlet.  I’ve been using this one from Anker for years, and it has lasted so long and has excellent battery life.

27. Footies

One of the most underrated gifts for train travelers is footies. These are your next best bet if you want to avoid bringing slippers on your trip. Footies keep your feet warm and bring extra softness and smoothness on a long scenic train ride.

28. Pajamas 

To add to that smoothness, give a train traveler some pajamas. Pajamas are for sleeping in when you are at home. But the clothes you wear on an overnight, or even a very long train ride, may not be the most comfortable. Pajamas are always an accessible,  go-to clothing item to get comfortable if you want to avoid wearing sweats.

29. Robe

Comfort is essential for train travelers, and what better way to show that than with a soft robe? For train travelers who take scenic, overnight rides, you may be sleeping in coach or a roomette on Amtrak. A robe makes that experience a bit nicer and more relaxing as you prepare to sleep.

30. Shower shoes

Depending on the train ride your train traveler chooses, they can share a shower. If true, they need shower shoes to get and stay clean. I recommend these Teva flip-flops because they are soft and dry quickly. For an Amtrak train traveler, shower shoes are vital!

31. Door safety alarms

A little extra safety never hurt anyone. One of the more unusual gifts for train travelers is a door stop alarm that can slide under your roomette door on Amtrak. Buying this gift for a train traveler is a thoughtful gesture to show you care about their safety. 

32. Deck of cards

Playing cards is an easy tool and conversation starter. If you are a train traveler who wants to be social with others, a deck of playing cards is your best friend. This fun deck from Ridley Games is travel-focused, perfect for train trips. 

33. Portable wi-fi

A portable Wi-Fi device is helpful for trains that do not have Wi-Fi, such as Amtrak. Travel Wi-fi is my favorite mobile hotspot brand, and their Sapphire device is my recommendation. It is a heavy investment upfront, but you can pay for data as needed with their app.

34. Laptop 

While the train is one of the best times to unplug, bringing your laptop is still a good idea. A laptop is one of the more expensive gifts for train travelers. However, a Macbook Pro is worth the investment for a train ride and beyond. 

Final tips for finding the best train travel essentials for gifts

Lead with comfort

Overnight scenic train rides are all about staying relaxed and comfortable. When thinking about gifts for train travelers, consider how to make their travel experience more comfortable. The little comforts, such as slippers and sleeping masks, make the ride smoother.

Indulge in the simple pleasures

Traveling does not have to be complicated. There is something simple about traveling by train that makes you enjoy the simple pleasures of booking a trip. Packing your favorite snacks, a deck of playing cards, and other essentials mentioned above can bring that feeling out on any trip.

Reduce your reliance on technology

Social media has created a reliance on data and Wi-Fi. However, train travel forces us to disconnect and enjoy the views. So to find gifts for train travelers, try to think of activities, devices, and gifts that don’t require as much technology. 

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