As a traveling scholar and social worker, I enjoy connecting with people around the world. We all have a story to tell whether through the food we eat, our life experiences, or the history around us. This blog is a collection of those stories, travel tips and recommendations to help you craft your own adventure.

I believe in making travel part of my life - so I've studied, lived, and interned abroad. From Spain to Costa Rica to Morocco, there is so much world to explore and many opportunities to see it through and through. And you should be prepared to see it too.

Here's how I invest in you:

• Travel guides and resources to help you enjoy your dream vacation

• Resources on fellowships, internships, and school abroad

• Personal one-on-one travel planning and fellowship coaching

I've visited 15 countries and traveled to over 50 cities across the globe. Join me in making travel part of your life. The world is waiting for you! Let's go explore.

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