Hostel Review: Hostel Candelaria

by Sojourner

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Valladolid is a small town in Mexico that many forget when planning their adventure through the Yucatan Peninsula. However, when tourists do decide to stop by, Hostel Candelaria is the hostel of choice as one of the best hostels in Valladolid. During my search for Valladolid hostels, many other travel writers and bloggers mentioned it in their blog posts. Trusting their opinions, I booked Hostel la Candelaria as stop number two while on my solo trip in Mexico. After a few nights, with some amazing people, I see why Hostel la Candelaria is one of the best hostels in Mexico.


My Trip Itinerary with Hostel Candelaria 

Stay: April 29th to May 1st, 2018 (2 nights)

Room: Standard 6 Bed Female Dorm

Trip Type: Solo Travel, Backpacker

Booked With: Hostelworld



 I knew Valladolid was a small town, and probably did not have too many hostels in the area. I also knew I was not spending much time in Valladolid, with only a two-day maximum (which included pit stops to Chichen Itza and Ek Balam). I was attracted to the colorful landscape and the mix of parts inside and outside. Though booking hostels can be stressful, sometimes it pays well to go to a smaller destination. It is less overwhelming due to fewer options, and normally the best ones are easy to pick out. Hostel Candelaria kept coming up, so I checked out their location tag on Instagram, saw photos of past traveler experiences, booked it, and hoped for the best.





 Hostel Candelaria cost me 442 Mexican pesos, which is roughly $23 (USD) for two nights.  I’m not saying this price is unbeatable, but with breakfast included it is a sweet deal. This hostel price is also ideal for budget travelers looking for cheap hostels in Mexico and want to splurge on other aspects of their trip. Just remember that in smaller places such as Valladolid, it’s beneficial to have pesos on hand. Many Mexican hostels may only accept cash!



 Valladolid is small, thus hostel locations are easy to navigate. Hostel Candelaria is in a park near the center of the town, only a few minutes from the bus station. Also, the locals know of Hostel Candelaria’s popularity. Therefore, if you get lost on a side street, don’t be afraid to ask locals for directions. People know Hostel Candelaria and can help you get back safely.


Dorm Style and Bathroom

 Hostel Candelaria has standard dorms. I stayed in a 6-person dorm, thus there were 3 bunk beds. At least 3 huge fans kept the air circulating since there was no AC. A locker is also available in the room. The bathroom closest to my room was across the hall, which is super convenient for those late-night potty breaks. If you stay in another part of the hostel, it may be outside in one of their enclosed bathroom areas they’ve built.



 Even though there was breakfast included, I did not eat it! I know, I’m crazy, right? I had jam-packed days and kept a few snacks on me. However, if you go please indulge. There is also a kitchen for you to use, just make sure you wash your dishes when you’re done!


 Common Areas

 Hammocks on hammocks! I enjoyed my time hanging out with other travelers, talking, and eating Mayan chocolate in the hammocks. I highly recommend it for anyone visiting! Other common areas were a colorful kitchen, and a smaller room on the second floor with a few couches. My highlight was cooking dinner in the kitchen with other travelers and eating together on my last night. So much fun and great memories with new people!


 Cleanliness and Comfort

 Hostel Candelaria was clean, whether in the rooms, outside showers, kitchen areas, etc. I had no issues with bed bugs, though there were a few lizards in the stairways. Since Hostel Candelaria is one of those Mexican hostels that is half outside and inside, this was to be expected. None of them reached my room, so I would not say they are a big deal. Mayan Monkey was pristine. The rooms themselves were clean with sheets and a pillow all ready to go. As mentioned earlier, the bathroom was right next to my room, and there was more than one just in case it got full.

As for comfort, I don’t need much. However, if you are prone to getting hot I recommend finding other accommodations. There is no air conditioning in the rooms, only a bunch of huge fans. These fans worked great for me, but if you need stricter housing in the summer months they may not be enough for the heat. The mattress was comfortable, just like any standard bunk bed. But due to the stairs, in may not be comfortable for people with physical disabilities.



 The Wi-Fi connection at Hostel Candelaria was good considering it’s half inside, half outside. I would say FaceTime or Skype may be out of the question, though text messaging and calls worked fine for me. I got better service inside the dorm than outside near the hammocks as well.



 Just like my experience with Mayan Monkey in Cancún, safety was not an issue at Hostel Candelaria. I never felt unsafe at Hostel Candelaria. Each traveler gets a set of keys to a room. There are also lockers for each visitor to use in the room, if they so choose. I always recommend bringing a lock if you travel in hostels. I walked all around the hostel and Valladolid with no problems. If you are worried, stay alert and observe your surroundings, just as you should anywhere else.


Staff, Check-In, and Check Out Info

 I had no problems with the staff at Hostel Candelaria. I did not need much assistance at all, but if I did I knew I could ask them anything. When it was time for check-out, I still had my trip to Ek Balam planned and they were more than accommodating. I cleaned up my room, checked out, and stored my backpack in one of their lockers, no charge. As mentioned previously, there is also no smoking, but I found this is common for Mexican hostels.



 I’m a part of the Insta-obsessed generation, so aesthetics is something I look for in my hostels (in addition to other important things too). Hostel Candelaria is probably the most aesthetically-pleasing one I’ve ever stayed in. As one of the cheap hostels in Mexico, I think the time that is put into cleaning and painting the facility to maintain its uniqueness is a definite plus in my book. The vibrant colors make it more fun and gives visitors a burst of happiness. The blues, greens, oranges, etc. bring out the best in visitors.


Would I recommend Hostel Candelaria?

 Absolutely! Hostel Candelaria is the best option for anyone looking for hostels in Valladolid. This had to be one of my best hostel experiences. I met so many amazing travelers who made my experience even better.

I do hope to bring friends to Valladolid one day, or at least come back on my own. Though it isn’t a big city with tons of tourist attractions, the pace of life is something I think everyone needs on their trip. There’s enough to do to gage your interest, but you don’t feel pressed for time to cram everything in a few days. I think it’s a great place for slow travelers, or anyone looking to wind down durng a leg of their Yucatan peninsula itinerary. Make a stop in Valladolid!


Thanks for reading! To remember Valladolid, PIN for later!

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