How to Afford Travel ✈️

Prior to 2015, I never traveled internationally. I traveled domestically with family and studied Spanish so I was interested in the global world, but like many others I did not have the money to do so.


Since then I’ve studied, lived, interned, and worked remotely abroad! And I enjoy finding ways to incorporate travel opportunities into my career to make it more feasible for me to travel.


From solo traveling to train traveling, now I’m sharing all my tips and recommendations from my experiences to now help you.

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Not everyone can quit their job to travel the world – and that is okay!!!


But, do you want to have the freedom or opportunity to travel a bit more? Or experience a new country or culture longer-term?


Would you like to work abroad? Or do you want to work remotely so you can make money as you go?


This guide can kickstart you to find a remote or international fellowship, internship, or job opportunity to begin creating that flexible lifestyle you’ve always wanted!


How I Afford to Travel the World FAQs

How did you travel as an undergrad student?

I studied abroad for a semester in Spain in order to travel as an undergrad student. I majored in Spanish which made it easier to study abroad for five months and traveled to Italy, Portugal, England, etc. during that semester. If you can, save up money and travel over breaks too. However, there are many other ways to travel more as a college student.

How did you travel as a graduate student?

Choosing an internationally-focused graduate degree, such as my Masters in International Social Work, helped me travel as a graduate student. I also interned abroad in Berlin as part of my social work practicum for three months. You can also pursue a short-term fellowship abroad, which is similar to an internship. Check out this blog post to learn about what you need to know before pursuing an internship abroad.

How do you travel with a full-time 9-5?

You have to maximize your PTO and vacation time! Already have a long weekend? See if you can take the day before off. For more tips, read this blog post on how to travel with a full-time job to get started on your own adventure.

How do you balance working and traveling?

Traveling for work or for leisure requires a lot of balance to avoid burnout. Working out, rest, taking time off to not travel, hobbies outside of traveling, etc. are all ways to find that balance. Also having boundaries with (remote) work by closing my laptop at 5pm, screen breaks, and using my lunch breaks to eat and not do work. When I’m actively traveling as a digital nomad I try to continue my routine and build in downtime between cities/countries.

What are other ways you have traveled and worked?

International fellowships are another great way to work and travel. The one fellowship I did was teaching English in Spain through the Fulbright Program. To apply for a Fulbright is a pretty competitive process so there are also other overseas fellowships and career programs you can apply to where you can live abroad, work, and travel.

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Sojourner White is a remote social worker, award-winning travel journalist, and train travel queen. Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin she has been a digital nomad, called Spain home as a study abroad student turned English teacher with the Fulbright Program, and spent a summer in Germany as an International Social Work graduate student intern.


But now, through her platform Sojournies, she helps 9-5ers fulfill their career goals and bucket list dreams to bask in freedom and flexibility outside the office.


Sojourner has been featured in Buzzfeed, PopSugar, The Matador Network, HuffPost, Thrillist, Travel + Leisure, USA Today, Fodor’s, Insider, Lonely Planet, Viator, and more.

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