International Fellowships and Internships: 6 Websites to Use

by Sojourner

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International fellowships always seem too hard to find. And I can relate.

When I was applying for my Fulbright Fellowship, I searched far and wide for other opportunities just in case I did not win. During that search, I came across other websites for overseas fellowships and internships that I wish I would have pursued. Who knew how small the world got when you immersed yourself in Google searches?

Now, I am sharing those opportunities with you! Career development opportunities are out there and some may even be free. To save you extra time, I curated a list of websites to find international opportunities that align with your goals and interests. It is so easy to get discouraged, but this list can guide you in the right direction. Once you are done here, check out part one of this list for more resources. 

Free websites/services to find international fellowships and internships abroad


Even though I mentioned it on part one of websites to use, I think ProFellow deserves to be here twice. This is probably the most comprehensive and organized database of fellowships abroad. I used to be a contributor for them so I may be a little biased. Nevertheless, if you are looking for international fellowships this has to be your first stop. I cannot recommend them enough. 

To get started, you will need to create a profile based on your interests and background. Do you want to go to a certain country? Input that region into the database. Are you interested in multiple fields? Don’t worry, you can be multi-passionate and explore their options too. It is user friendly and FREE. They even have blog posts full of tips and tricks to apply for fellowships and interviews with alumni of certain fellowships.

The Opportunity Desk

Most international fellowships and internships abroad I post are for people from the U.S. However, that is not the case for the Opportunity Desk. This website is more inclusive to people across nationalities and citizenships. The Opportunity Desk shares everything from international fellowships and conferences, to scholarships for undergraduate and graduate school. If you are looking for any kind of global opportunity, chances are they have it. 

Search Associates

If you are a teacher, school counselor, or aspire to work in education abroad, Search Associates is what you need. Search Associates helps interns, teachers, administrators, and other education professionals land international education opportunities. Once you make a profile and upload the necessary documents, you start working with an associate to see where you fit best. They also have in-person and online fairs to get you connected. These are more for internships abroad than fellowships.

Youth Opportunities

Ready for another open database for international fellowships, scholarships, and internships abroad? Well if so, Youth Opportunities has you covered.  With Youth Opportunities you can research a wide array of options to go abroad. In addition to international fellowships and internships, you can also look into exchange programs, conferences, grants, and more. The opportunities cover multiple African countries, Germany, India, France, Romania, etc. Take some time to see what postings are available as deadlines change quickly. 

Paid websites/services to find international fellowships and internships abroad

World Internships

Another resource to find internships abroad is World Internships. If you are interested in interning in destinations such as New Zealand, Australia, Ecuador, Thailand, Vietnam, etc, then check out their placements. Interns can choose summer and semester-long internships, and they can count for academic credit. However, unlike some of the websites mentioned, there is a fee associated with their programs. This is something to be aware of as you are searching for opportunities. 

Global Experiences

For those who do not want the hassle of finding their own internship placement, check out Global Experiences. They offer placements in cities such as Italy, Costa Rica, Spain, Ireland, China, Australia, and others. Interns have multiple fields of study as well. Interns can be from fields such as Psychology, Business, Finance, Politics, PR, and others. Alum of their internships have gone onto work for the American Red Cross, the Human Society, and YouTube. 

The Intern Group

Last but certainly not least, The Intern Group is at your service. Applicants apply and are matech with an internship. You have the opportunity to do a remote internship or an international one. Fields of interest they offer include criminal justice, communications, television & film, real estate, data science, cybersecurity, and more. Be sure to browse their website for more information. Additionally, be mindful that there is a deposit and fee associated with using their services. Use other websites, such as Youth Opportunities or the Opportunity Desk mentioned above, to find grants to supplement internship financing.

Even though it may take some digging, finding international fellowships and internships are worth the research. One fellowship can be the catalyst to start your career, or be the career change you need. Do not be intimidated by their prestige or popularity. There are enough opportunities to pursue our travel and career dreams out here. Go and find the one that will take you to that next level. Good luck!

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