Interview: Life as a Black Female Traveler, Teacher and Student

by Sojourner
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“Traveling has become one of the most important things in my life and always has been constant. I have family from Michigan to Georgia and California to Pennsylvania, so as a child I was traveling for holidays and summer vacations yearly. I’ve grown to international travel after two stints in Spain, getting lost, excited and frustrated along the way. It’s by no means easy and as a black woman with an afro some days and Marley twists the next, I feel like a walking cultural landmark at times.

​However, I would never let that stop me from seeing the world. I travel to explore. I travel for the many generations of family who couldn’t. I travel to learn. I travel to see the beautiful and not-so beautiful areas of the world. I travel to experience other cultures. I travel because it’s where I feel at peace. My name is Sojourn-er so it’s not that surprising right? Hahaha.”

To read more about how I kind of crashed a wedding reception in Morocco, why I started traveling and the ways I think people scare women into not traveling, check out the interview here with Suitcase Six!

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