Is Solo Travel Boring? How to Make Solo Travel Fun and Safe

by Sojourner

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“Is solo travel boring?” is a valid question about traveling alone. Many of us do not do many things solo. And vacationing has always been touted as a group activity.

However, solo travel is not as boring as you think! You can fill your time with activities, tours, and relaxation. The trip is all yours to plan since you’re traveling alone, right?

So if you’re looking for tips for making solo travel fun and not boring, here are some tricks and ideas to use when planning that solo trip. 

FAQs about traveling alone

What is solo travel?

Solo travel is the act of taking a vacation alone. It is when a person decides to book an entire trip by themselves, including the flights, tours, etc. Traveling solo is the opposite of group travel, as you must rely on your company to entertain yourself. However, you can meet others on your solo trip, so you may not be 100% alone. 

Is solo travel overrated?

Whether or not solo travel is overrated depends on the person. In recent years there has been an increase in people solo traveling, especially solo female travelers. And through that increase, some have realized that they dislike traveling solo.

Yet, that is only the case for some. Many people love solo travel! As a Black solo woman traveler, I greatly support traveling alone, and I do not think it is overrated. Solo travel is more based on your personality and love languages than anything else.

Is it lonely to travel solo?

Solo travel anxiety is natural! That fear of the unknown and anxiousness over traveling alone can lead to loneliness on a solo trip. Many of us are taught that traveling is an experience to share with others on a group trip. Therefore, do not feel bad if you get lonely while you travel solo. It’s a natural feeling; making your itinerary less boring can help you enjoy yourself more. 

How do you plan a solo trip?

Planning a solo trip is similar to planning for a group; instead, you have fewer people. The only person’s interests you have to account for are your own. Get Your Guide, Viator, and Airbnb Experiences are great places to start finding tours. For more tips on planning your solo trip, check out this blog post here!

Benefits of solo travel

Getting out of your comfort zone

Depending on how you look at it, leaving your comfort zone can be one of the pros and cons of traveling alone. But overall, pursuing things you would not typically do is a benefit of traveling solo. It requires you to take that leap into new experiences whether you are ready or not.

Increased problem-solving skills

Traveling by yourself means you have to think for yourself. And two of the benefits of solo travel are becoming more adaptable and flexible. Those skills also mean you can solve problems more quickly and efficiently when you may be the only one around to address an issue. Or, you may have to rely on the kindness of strangers to figure something out.

Enhanced self-confidence 

Solo traveling increases how much you trust yourself. Confidence goes a long way when you plan how to travel from one city to another or walk up to strangers in the hostel to make friends. While you may fake it until you make it in the beginning, it becomes natural over time. Eventually, as you travel alone, you feel like you can do anything! 

Better spatial awareness

Self-navigation is a vital skill to possess as a solo traveler. Most increase their capacity to read maps and streets for directions. You can even increase your language ability if you ask for directions in the local language. 

New friendship opportunities 

Staying in hostels is not the only way to make new friends as a solo traveler. I’ve made friends on tours, cafes, bars, clubs, etc. Interpersonal relationships and community are essential both at home and on the road. Do not fear to put yourself out there to make friends. 

How not to get bored solo traveling

Heavily plan out your first days

Distraction is the go when figuring out how to make solo travel fun. After your travel day, immediately plan some activities if you are feeling anxious about traveling alone. Filling up your time can distract you from the fact you are traveling solo and prevent boredom.

Get comfortable with silence 

Conversely, as a solo traveler, you need to get comfortable with silence. Sometimes you are not on tour with other people, or maybe you didn’t make some quick friends. Getting comfortable with being alone doesn’t mean you won’t ever get bored. But it does mean you will know what it feels like to entertain yourself to prevent boredom and loneliness. 

Find balance in the type of tours you do

Is solo travel boring if you plan different types of activities? Speaking from experience, I doubt it! In addition to picking activities based on your love languages, make sure there is some variety. 

Maybe one day is for hiking, another is a relaxing day by the beach, and a third day is for that street food tour you’ve been eyeing. Not enough variety can make your trip seem repetitive. 

Pick activities based on your love languages 

If you’re looking for how to make solo travel fun, planning your vacation activities using your love language is unique! For example, add a spa day to your itinerary if you value physical touch. For those who appreciate quality time, you should plan a group tour to mingle. 

Schedule calls home

A myth about traveling alone is that you never want to call your family or friends back home. As someone close to her family, I love calling them while traveling. So one of the best ways to help you adjust is by checking in.

Even though your family and friends are not physically there to share the memories with you, it is nice to have someone to recap your day with. Therefore, consider planning times to touch base with them on your trip. These calls significantly boost familial serotonin as you can share your experiences with someone outside your journal. 

Stay in hostels to make friends

Hostels are popular accommodations for solo travelers. And despite what the media may tell you, they are safer than you think. You can make friends in a hostel by sitting in a common area, booking a dorm, and hanging out with your roommates. 

Go on a date 

So is solo travel boring if you have a dreamy date with someone you met at a bar? Not! Making solo travel less boring means stepping out of what you may generally do.  And there is something about traveling alone that makes people approach you more. If the vibes are there, and you’re trusting your gut, take the leap to be more than friends with someone you meet. 

Now, if you choose to go on a date, pick a public place! I also recommend watching your drink order as it is being made. And if at any point you get uncomfortable, mention how tired you are and get out of there. 

Is solo travel safe? Four solo female travel safety tips

Notify your family when you arrive

Solo travel safety requires other people to be in the know in case of an emergency. Send your family your itinerary before you leave or when you arrive. This can be done in Google Docs for easy access and real-time updates.

Buy a portable charger

My phone dying in the middle of nowhere is a nightmare. To prevent that while you’re traveling solo, purchase a portable charger. It is a crucial solo travel accessory to make your battery last and prevent those “I’m lost” nightmares from becoming a reality. 

Become a liar

Lying is a top skill for solo female travelers. People often wonder why I’m by myself as a woman, where my husband is, and if I’m meeting friends. I make up stories each time just in case someone has bad vibes (which is rare). So while lying may be uncomfortable, it keeps solo travel fun and exciting as I lie to protect myself.

Purchase travel insurance

Travel insurance is critical for solo female travelers that protects you on the go. It is an extra layer of protection if something gets stolen, your luggage gets lost, etc. Though this may seem like an unnecessary cost, when you need it, companies such as World Nomads and Safety Wing are there to help.

My experience traveling solo as a Black woman traveler

Solo travel is worth it. The freedom of doing what you want, when you want, is unmatched. Traveling alone has given me the courage to seek out new experiences wherever I go.

 Thus, as a Black woman who loves traveling the world solo, I wouldn’t change my experiences. I think solo travel has taught me so much about who I am as a person, a Black woman, and a student of life. I’ve also learned about my growth areas to invest in when I’m not traveling. 

So what are you waiting for? That next adventure is just a flight (or two) away!

Ready to take that first solo trip? Here are some tips on how to travel alone for the first time.

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