Pincho Pick: Bar Angel

by Sojourner
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As a food lover, pinchos have become an important part of my life so I thought I’d share my “Pincho Picks” periodically as I take photos of food! Bar Angel is one of the many bars on the pincho street here known as “Calle Laurel” or just “Laurel” as the locals call it. It’s a classic pincho that I’ve eaten about 3 times since being here, and it doesn’t disappoint. When I was googling Logroño it’s the main food photo I saw and remembered, and I just had to try it.

What did I eat

The name of this pincho is “El Champi” and it’s the only one available at Bar Angel. With good reason too! You can see the workers cook the mushrooms and shrimp right in front of you and it doesn’t take that long either. This place has been consistently busy when I go on the weekend. El Champi is dipped in a garlic type oil with another flavor I haven’t been able to pinpoint, but I enjoy it! End of Fulbright grant goal: figure out what’s in the sauce. Another plus is that this pincho with a glass of wine is only 2 euros so it’s easy to eat and keep it moving to the next pincho bar. You can’t beat that!

What wine to order

Living in La Rioja has definitely broadened my wine horizons. I don’t know how I’m going to return home and indulge the same way at wine bars! All the wine you order with pinchos are from La Rioja, 99.9% of the time.  There may be some bottles from Zaragoza, however they are actually the competition. When you order, just say “vino tinto” for “red wine” or “vino blanco” for white. Add in “dulce” for “sweet,” and “seco” for “dry.” In the summer I prefer white, while in the winter and fall I prefer red. Oh, and sweet over dry for me!

Alternative competition

Another bar on Calle Laurel has a similar pincho. It looks exactly the same and can be found at Bar Soriano. A few people in my friend group prefer the one at Bar Soriano, but the majority of people go to Bar Angel. Also, Bar Soriano is further away from the beginning of Calle Laurel, thus it gets a different crowd.

Final words: It’s tasty! Go for it and enjoy it.

Thanks for reading! To remember Bar Angel, PIN this post for later!

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