A Foodie’s Guide of Places to Eat in Amsterdam

by Sojourner

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This foodie strikes again and is breaking down places to eat in Amsterdam! Though I visited Amsterdam a few years ago for a short-period of time, I did more touristy things and not as much food-hopping as I’d hoped. Well this time around I made it a priority to research places to eat and drink in the city. I couldn’t very well eat everywhere, no matter how hard I tried, so instead I’m recapping all the places I could hit on my 4-day trip to the canal-driven city. This is a foodie guide to you need to spotlight where to eat in Amsterdam.

Staring at Jacob

Going to Staring at Jacob was my first foodie stop and one of my favorite meals during my trip. As a pancake lover I knew I wanted to eat as many as possible, and these had all the flavor and fluffiness I was looking for upon arrival. I ordered the veggie pancake plate, so it came with hash browns, eggs, mushrooms, and halloumi (cheese). Of course there are meat options too.

For pricing, it’s not a cheap find since the plate cost 13.50 euros. Full transparency: Amsterdam as a whole is more expensive than the average city.  However, it was extremely satisfying and just what I needed after an overnight bus adventure from Berlin to Amsterdam. I would 100% recommend it and if I had more time I would have tried to come back for another meal.

African Kitchen

Though I tried, I couldn’t eat just pancakes. Located further outside the city, African Kitchen is a small bar and restaurant in the predominately Black area of Amsterdam. It took me a tram and metro to get here, but it was not in vain. I ordered jollof rice, plantains, and fish for about 15 euros. Again it wasn’t the most budget-friendly meal, however it was well worth the euros. If you want a taste of African cuisine come here! I can see why it was recommended as a place to eat in Amsterdam. It’s also Black-owned, which is always a plus.

Fun story: after joining the Amsterdam Black Women Facebook group, I started researching past posts to find recommendations from the women who live there. I found that African Kitchen was a place many mentioned as having some of the best food in Amsterdam. Joining Facebook groups and searching them for information on your destination can help you find some of the best restaurants!


Bouncing off recommendations of the Amsterdam Black Women Facebook group, I attended a brunch they hosted during my trip. It took place at Bootoe, a Caribbean place to eat in Amsterdam. The lemon ginger lemonade was 4.50 euros of absolute deliciousness and my favorite drink I consumed during my trip. It’s perfect for a warm sunny day and even sold out at the event because everyone loved it so much! Yes, it’s that good. The sweet potato fries, about 6 euros, I also ate were the most seasoned and delicious I’ve had in Europe. Their menu had other options too such as jerk chicken and pork. They’re served on little plates, which reminded me of Spanish tapas only these were Caribbean foods. It’s also another Black-owned business to support.

Albert Cuyp Market

When thinking about where to eat in Amsterdam, I knew I had to go to markets like I did in Berlin. Per the recommendation of my hostel, I headed to Albert Cuyp Market and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the cutest mini-pancakes of my life. They were only 4 euros and you could get toppings on them such as chocolate, strawberries, oreos, M&Ms, bananas, you name it!

Aside from the mini-pancakes, vendors sold waffles, juices, fresh fruit, and there was even a meat market if you wanted to take something back to cook at your Airbnb. If you’re looking for another market to walk through post-eating at Albert Cuyp Market, Waterloopein Market has more material things and vintage goods at their market. Catch the metro or tram there and walk through to shop a little after eating. 

Los Pilones Cantina Mexico

If I’m being honest, Los Pilones was not initially on my radar. It came per the recommendation of the tour guide from my Alternative Tour as one of the best Mexican places to eat in Amsterdam. Post-tour, myself and two other solo travelers ate here and chatted a bit. I ordered 4 small quesadillas for about 10 euros (and they were listed as an appetizer). There are bigger plates if you’re hungrier for upwards of 15 to 19 euros a plate as well (I saw 4 tacos and a side of rice or beans for 18.50 euros on the menu).   

Restaurants in the city center, such as Los Pilones, can be a bit pricey because they’re in the touristy area near the canals in Jordaan. However this doesn’t mean they’re not worth the money, because I thought by food from Los Pilones was tasty! Just keep that in mind when looking where to eat in Amsterdam and any other major European city.


Indoor markets are just as big as outdoor markets! Foodhallen is one of them and another great place find the best food in Amsterdam. Here I opted for a crispy shrimp poke bowl that cost 10.50 euros. If Asian cuisine isn’t your jam, there are other options to choose from such as pizza, sushi, and burgers. There is indoor and outdoor seating, WiFi for those want to take a photo of their meal for the ‘gram, and shops surrounding the hall itself. You can go here and find something different to eat every day! If you have the time, by all means go for it (I’ll be over here crying with serious FOMO).

The Breakfast Club

My final pancake adventure led me to The Breakfast Club. With multiple locations around the city it seems to be a staple for everyone to enjoy and one of many places to eat in Amsterdam that serves pancakes. I went to the one closest to Foodhallen and order the New York. They were humongous and filling, topped with powdered sugar, strawberries, blueberries and bananas. For 13.50 euros they will keep you full all day if you let them. They have indoor and outdoor seating as well, plus some cool couches and benches with pillows inside you can sit on as you eat. Don’t get too comfortable though, you may fall asleep after eating their pancakes!

And that completes my foodie guide to Amsterdam! I had a few more places on my list to try out, but unfortunately I got sick my first day and a half. I guess it just gives me another chance to return for a third time, right? Just know there are streets and streets of places to eat in Amsterdam, so take this list  and find places I even missed. A helpful tip is that most places take card, though at the markets cash is more acceptable for smaller purchases under 5 or even 10 euros. Also, customer service is not the same in the U.S. so don’t take it personal if your server completely ignores you. Continue to eat your heart out and let me know if you go to these places too!

What’s your favorite part about trying new foods when you travel? Share below!

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