19 of the Best Places to Eat in Berlin

by Sojourner

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Fact: the way to a foodie’s heart is through their stomach. There’s nothing like getting to explore a whole new destination full of delicious places to eat, and a place like Berlin does not disappoint. It’s such an international city that you can find cuisines such as Sudanese, Ethiopian, Vietnamese, Gambian, and tons of vegan and/or vegetarian options. Berlin has food for everyone! If you look at my Instagram, it’s no secret that a large part of my travel involves eating. So in true foodie fashion, I’ve compiled a list of of where to eat in Berlin that I’ve found over the past two months.

Huong Que

In Kreuzberg there are streets and streets of restaurants and bars. You could go down each street and eat at a new place every day. Huong Que is of the places you should add to your Kreuzberg list! A block away from the Gorlizter Bahnhof stop, it’s a relaxing restaurant in Berlin to grab some delicious Vietnamese cuisine. I stopped here for dinner after work and was overly satisfied with my meal. It’s a super cozy spot! Also, the portion is huge for only being 10 euros a bowl.

YAAM Berlin

Probably one of my favorite places, YAAM stands for Young African Artisan Market. As the name would suggest, you can find a lot of African cuisine and culture in this little nook of the city. I indulged in some Gambian food and Sudanese food (from 2 Cool) here and enjoyed every last bit at just 6 euros a plate! It also doubles as a club/concert venue and through the back there’s a sandy beach-type area for you to hang out after a long day to unwind. You make a donation upon arrival to support the maintenance of the space, making it social enterprisey. It is one of many local and best places to eat in Berlin.

Thai Park Market

A foodie’s guide to Berlin wouldn’t be complete without some markets. This park-market was a pleasant surprise I happened to find on Berlin Food Stories. Located a few metro spots from my apartment in the Wilmersdorf neighborhood, Thai Park was more than a park—it was a food experience.

The smells, the set ups, the culture, everything about it made me (and my stomach) eager with glee. I had to include it on my list of best places to eat in Berlin. I got delicious shrimp pad thai here for only 5 euros. Yet, there is all types of Thai food to choose from. The food is available from 11am to 10pm from Friday to Monday.  

Thai Park is also special because it’s been around for about 20 years! I think it’s beautiful how the Thai community continues to share their culture and food in Berlin in this park. Eating here and enjoying the atmosphere is even better because you’re supporting local businesses and people. I’m always here for that.

Al Safa

A street called Sonnenallee, colloquially referred to as “Arab Street,” is filled with locally-owned Arab businesses from barbershops to restaurants. You have a multitude of options here, and Al Safa happened to be my choice of where to eat in Berlin. Falafelteller became my regular order as a pescatarian/vegetarian, but don’t fret meat-lovers because there are meat options as well. 

Helpful tip: falafelteller is the plate version (with a few more potatoes) than a falafel sandwich! It’s also very filling and will cost you no more than 5 to 7 euros, making it budget friendly. Middle eastern food is prominent and Al Safa is one of the best places to eat in Berlin that I would recommend. 


You’ll be seeing a theme here: markets are plentiful. Holzmarket is one of many and doubles as a lovely outside hang out too. There’s pizza, wine, pasta, smoothies, and more here making it one of the most unique places to eat in Berlin. My favorite was the Vegan Gyros station. It’s the only thing they serve and rightfully so because I’ve never had vegan meat like this. I don’t know what they did to it, but the seasonings mixed with the garnished herbs on top made me scarf it down. The bread it was wrapped in also made my tummy very happy. It’ll only set you back 6 euros, making it a budget-worthy place to eat in Berlin.

Kantini at Bikini Berlin

Normally a mall is not a “foodie” place I gravitate towards. However after roaming the Zoologischer Garten, I decided to walk into the mall Bikini Berlin. To my surprise I found Kantini, a food court-type place in the mall that could honestly pass for another indoor market. I had past here for only 5.50 euros and a poke bowl for under 10 euros! They also sell tacos, salads, waffles, burgers, etc. You can even post up and bring your laptop to work (or blog, like me). The food is tasty, the environment is colorful, and the vibes are just right for a chill work day.

Geist Im Glas

Many blogs mentioned that Geist Im Glas was one of the best places to eat in Berlin. So naturally I went, fell in love, and had to include it in my own foodie guide for Berlin. Geist Im Glas gave me an old-school, rustic bar, and restaurant vibe. I indulged in the banana pancakes with apples and raspberries on top. The guacamole and chips were good too, but definitely just for one person (I’m normally accustomed to sharing in the U.S.). 

The portions are small yet the quality is excellent. It’s also somewhat hidden as it doesn’t have a large sign posted in the front, so keep your eye out when you go. And while I didn’t get the chance, I would highly recommend going here for drinks. The vibes seemed like they would be perfect for it! Be prepared to spend 10 to 12 euros here.


Caribbean cuisine never fails to have just the amount of spicy and sweet. Ya-Man was no different. The owner has been cooking Jamaican food for Germans for over 10 years and counting. She has won numerous awards so of course she has of the best places to eat in Berlin.

Her restaurant gives off the best Jamaican vibes you can find in Berlin. For your food budget, be prepared to spend roughly 10 to 13 euros here depending on what you order. I highly recommend the curry shrimp and plantains!

Zad Falafel

This spot is the MVP of the summer! Not only is it a budget-friendly option, as a regular falafel sandwich only costs 3.50 euros, it was located right by my internship office. Since I’m pescatarian/vegetarian I always got falafel, falafel/halloumi, or magali/halloumi. However, they do offer shawarma for the meat-lovers who are eyeing cheap places to eat in Berlin. The combinations can cost up to 4 euros, which is still a great deal. You can sit down inside or outside, or get it as carry-out (most commonly referred to as “take away” in Europe) and walk along the canal a block away.

Yogi – Indian Restaurant

After a long day of market-hopping, food was necessary. Yogi is located near Boxhagener Platz and the accompanying market on Saturdays. The wait was a bit long, however the meal made it worth every minute. The food is fresh and comes out smoking hot so be careful and give it some time to cool off! My recommendation would be anything on the menu that includes fish smothered in a tomato-curry type sauce with vegetables mixed in. Sit outside and enjoy people watching as you fill your tummy!

Aldemir Eis

A foodie guide in any European city would not be complete without a gelato recommendation. Per the suggestion of a German co-worker, we headed to the East Side Gallery and on our way back ate this cone of gelato goodness. It cost about 4 euros, expensive by European standards, but I couldn’t have had a better cone. They even make the cones!

There are many gelato spots, however I think this was indeed one of the best places to eat in Berlin. The gelato was top tier. Shoutout to my co-workers for always looking out and coming through with the best recommendations.

Benedict Berlin

I am always on the quest for pancakes and I met my match at Benedict Berlin!! For 13 euros you can have 3 fluffy pancakes drenched in white chocolate and stuffed with blueberries. A tip that was useful here: ask the waiters what they recommend. I wasn’t going to get the white chocolate, he suggested I add it, and my gosh was he right.

Also, you may want to make a reservation if you come here with a large party for Sunday brunch! The people, the atmosphere, and the quality of food makes Benedict one of my favorite brunch restaurants in Berlin.

Markthalle Neun

A change from the Thai Park Market, Markthalle Neun is an inside market in the Kreuzberg area. It was one of the first placed I found as I googled where to eat in Berlin. There are multiple food options to choose from for vegetarians, vegans, pescatarians, and meat lovers alike. I saw pork sandwiches, baked goods, Spanish tapas, pasta, and more. I ate a tofu burger with a pinkish bun. Not only was it delicious and left room for me to try a cookie too, the burger was aesthetically pleasing. I know that may not matter to everyone…but as a blogger are you surprised I care? Probably not. If you love a good indoor market, Markthalle Neun should be on your list of places to eat in Berlin.


Sahara is a Sudanese restaurant chain in Berlin that doesn’t taste like the quick food chains I’m personally used to eating. Coming from the U.S., it’s rare to see a restaurant chain that isn’t fast food, barbecue, seafood, chicken, etc. I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon Sahara after my flight back to Berlin from Paris. I ate a vegetarian tofu dish in peanut sauce (sorry peanut allergy people) with veggies. You can find a Sahara walking around Kreuzberg and other areas of the city center. I’ve seen this place packed with tourists and locals alike, making it a universal place to eat in Berlin. 

Books and Bagels

Located about a 15-20 minute walk from the East Side Gallery, I originally visited Books and Bagels on my first trip to Berlin two years ago. As a chocolate lover who tries to find the best chocolate chip cookie in every place I visit, I remembered how the delicious vegan chocolate chip cookie tasted. After a trip to Boxhagener Platz Market, I went back to have the cookie again and it was just as good the second time (and third and fourth times too). 

Books and Bagels is also a great place to eat in Berlin because they sell sweets and, you guessed it, bagels! I’ve only had the salmon and cream cheese bagel, but people order multiple from here. The line can get long, so give yourself some time when you visit. The cookie is just under 3 euros and the bagels vary from 6 euros and up. You can also read here and scour their book collection.

Cafe Krone

I’m a breakfast girl so I love finding brunch spots everywhere I go. Prior to visiting, I used my Google Maps app to save and compile a list of where to eat in Berlin. Cafe Krone popped up and my last day I finally made it. I ordered pancakes with fruit and caramel sauce on top and a side of eggs for 12.50 euros (pancakes were a little over 8 euros and two eggs scrambled were 5 euros).

Similar to other “hipster” places like Geist I’m Glas, the portion sizes at Cafe Krone are smaller. Coming here for meal is good when you’re not super hungry. It’s also a pricier place to eat in Berlin and will cost you 9 euros or more depending on what you order.

Mauerpark Market

Speaking of Mauerpark, it is the largest market and is a mix of where to hang out for cool music with friends and where to eat in Berlin to chill for an afternoon. I had another vegan gyro at Mauerpark because, as I mentioned earlier, it was a favorite. Tons of people come here on Sundays and its packed with food such as waffles, falafel, fresh lemonade, burgers, etc. If you’re into vintage clothing, you’ll also find tons of that here too. 

Tapas España

It wouldn’t be right if a former Fulbrighter in Spain didn’t try to go to a Spanish spot! Recommended by my German co-worker, Tapas España took me back to Spain. While my friend opted for the seafood paella (pictured above), I opted for some patatas bravas, churros, and garlic shrimp with bread. We spent about 20 euros each, as it was our last hurrah before leaving Berlin, you can spend more or less depending on your budget. And if you like spicy foods, the patatas had a nice kick you may want to try!

Foodie Bonus: Berlin Carnival of Cultures

This is a must-see and must-eat event! I love seeing people celebrate their cultures and eat good food, so Berlin Carnival of Cultures should be on your list of Berlin experiences.  I ate Acaraje, 6 euros of Argentinian shrimp goodness. If you plan your trip for the beginning of June, you’ll be able to enjoy the foodie festivities. If not, don’t worry! As I’ve mentioned before, Berlin is an international city with people from all over the world. Walking down any street throughout the year is a cultural experience in itself. 

I’m not going to say “that’s it,” because I promise you it’s not. I was in Berlin for a mere two months and barely made a dent in the food scene. Around every corner and on every street there is so much food to literally sink your teeth into. As a foodie, I did my research and intentionally went to internet-recommended spots. Yet, if you just walk around Berlin you will find something good!

Thanks for reading! For more foodie posts, PIN this post!

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