✨ Sojournies Travel Bucket List ✨

Since I help others check off their career and bucket list dreams I always get asked - "Sojourner, what's on your bucket list?"

So welcome to a sneak peek inside a few of the activities and experiences I hope to accomplish in my lifetime. It changes every now and again when I learn about something new I want to do. It's an imperfect list, but I'm not trying to live a perfect life. Just one full of adventure!

Africa 🌍

- Hike Mt. Kenya (Kenya)
✅ Go on safari at Masai Mara National Reserve (Kenya - completed April 2024)
- Hike Mt. Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)
- Visit Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe & Zambia)
- Visit the Cape Coast (Ghana)
- Cruise the Nile & see the Pyramids of Giza (Egypt)
✅ Wine tasting in Cape Town (South Africa - completed November 2022)
- Ride the Rovos Rail train (multiple)

- Go on a Safari (Kenya)
✅ Visit Table Mountain (South Africa - completed November 2022)
- Visit mountain gorillas (Rwanda)
- Relax on the beach (Seychelles)
- Celebrate New Year's in Accra (Ghana)
- Okavango Delta water safari (Botswana)
- Visit the pink lake (Senegal)
- Ride the train from Johannesburg to Cape Town (South Africa)
- Ride the Nairobi to Mombasa train (Kenya)

North America 🧳

✅ Visit the Grand Canyon (Arizona - completed Spring 2011)
✅ Ride El Chepe to Copper Canyon (Mexico - completed March 2023)
✅ - Take the Jose Cuervo Tequila train (Mexico - completed January 2024)
✅ Ride the Empire Builder from Milwaukee to Portland (Oregon - completed May 2023)
- Visit butterfly reserve (Mexico)
✅ See Chichen Itza (Mexico - completed May 2018)
✅ Ride the Coast Starlight from LA to Seattle (California - completed March 2022)
- Ride the Denali Star Train (Alaska)
- Ride the McKinley Explorer (Alaska)
- Ride to train to Niagara Falls (Canada)

✅ Ride the California Zephyr to San Francisco (California)
✅ Ride the Cascades from Portland to Vancouver (Canada - completed May 2023)
- Ride the Aurora Winter Train (Alaska)
- Go to Mardi Gras (New Orleans)
✅ First solo trip (Mexico - completed May 2018)
✅ Visit Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park (Hawai'i - completed May 2021)
- Wine tasting in Sonoma Valley (California)
- Take the Napa Valley Wine Train (California)
- Ride the Rocky Mountaineer (Canada)
- Ride the White Yukon Pass Train (Alaska)
- Ride the Adironack from NYC to Montreal (USA & Canada)

South America 🗺

- Take a cooking class in Salvador de Bahia (Brazil)
✅ Hike up to Machu Picchu (Peru - completed November 2023)
- Visit the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)
- Ride the Andean Explorer (Peru)
✅ Ride the PeruRail to Lake Titicaca (Peru - completed November 2023)
- Stargaze at the Atacama Desert (Chile)
- Visit and dance in Cali (Colombia)

- Visit Iguazu Falls (Argentina/Brazil)
- Wine tasting in Mendoza (Argentina)
✅ Hike rainbow Mountain (Peru - completed November 2023)
✅ Visit the colorful streets of Guatape (Colombia - completed October 2023)
✅ Visit San Basilio de Palenque (Colombia - completed November 2023)
- Ride the Tren en Las Nubes (Argentina)

Central America 🌎

✅ Ziplining in La Fortuna (Costa Rica - completed March 2020)

✅ Hike Rio Celeste (Costa Rica - completed March 2020)
✅ See Volcano Arenal (Costa Rica - completed March 2020)
✅ Hike Volcano Pacaya for pizza (Guatemala - completed December 2022)
- Hike Volcano Baru (Panama)

✅ Hike Volcano Acatenango (Guatemala - completed December 2022)
✅ Go sandboarding in Huacachina (Peru - completed November 2023)
- Slide down the rainbow slide (El Salvador)
✅ Go to Monkey Island (Panama - completed September 2022)
- Go volcano boarding (Nicaragua)
- Learn Black history in Liberia and Limon (Costa Rica)

Europe ✈️

✅ See the Eiffel Tower (France - completed May 2019)
✅ Study abroad in Granada (Spain - completed Spring 2015)
✅ Visit the Royal Palace in London (England - completed February 2015)
✅ Boat cruise in the Algarve (Portugal - completed May 2015)
✅ Spend Christmas in Prague (Czech Republic - completed December 2017)

✅ See the John Lennon Wall (Czech Republic - completed December 2017)
- Wine tasting in Tuscany (Italy)
✅ Spring break in Santorini (Greece - completed April 2017)
✅ New Year's in Barcelona (Spain - completed January 2017)
✅ Live in an European country (Spain - completed 2016-2017 and Germany - summer 2019)

Asia 🎒

- Visit the Taj Mahal (India)
- Stay in a treehouse in Bali (Indonesia)
- New Year's in Singapore (Singapore)
- Visit the Great Wall of China (China)
- Visit Super Nintendo Theme Park (Japan)

- Street food tour in Seoul (South Korea)
- See the Bagan Temples (Myanmar)
- See orangutans in Tanjung Puting (Indonesia)
- Eat real pad thai (Thailand)
- Participate in Holi Festival (India)

Australia 🦘

- Visit and hold a kangaroo
- Visit and hold a koala
- See the Sydney Opera house

Antarctica ❄️

- Honestly if I make it here I'm down for whatever at that point!

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