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Solo travel is one of the most freeing experiences ever! There is something rejuvenating about being on your own time, doing what you want, and making your own fun in new cities and countries around the world.


But if you’re new, the world of solo travel can be overwhelming and a bit nervewracking. And as a woman even more so when we are told we aren’t supposed to be doing it.


Don’t not worry! I got all the safety tips, tricks, and guides to help you solo travel with ease to bask in the freedom you seek!

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Essential Solo Travel Tips 🎒

Solo Travel FAQs

What is solo female travel?

Solo female travel, which is also referred to solo woman travel to be inclusive of all genders, is the act of a woman-identifying person going on a trip alone.

How do you become confident traveling alone?

Practice, practice, practice! I believe the best way to get confident traveling solo is by doing things alone. Grocery shopping, going to the movies, and going out to eat are three great starter solo travel experiences to prepare you for bigger solo trips. The more you solo travel, the confident you become.

How do you overcome solo travel anxiety?

Even though solo woman travel is great, it’s okay to be anxious or fearful. Embarking on a new adventure alone is unheard of, most of the time, and it’s normal to be nervous. If you have solo travel anxiety I recommend reading this post here with a bunch of tips on how to overcome it. My favorite tip? Create a hot girl hype you up playlist!

How do you stay safe traveling solo?

Not arriving at night, carrying a portable charger, and lying are three of many safety tips for solo female travelers. Check out more of my solo travel safety tips here! But also remember that a lot of things about solo traveling are out of our control and anything can happen anywhere.

What was your first solo trip?

My first solo trip was to Mexico! I am fluent in Spanish and traveled to Valladolid, Cancun, and Tulum. If you are ready to plan your first solo trip, this post here has all the tips to do it like a pro!

What are domestic U.S solo trips you recommend?

I love U.S domestic travel! I think it’s a great way to get started solo traveling.  If you want to start your solo female travel experiences here, I recommend cities such as  San Diego, New Orleans, Charleston, and Chicago.

What are international solo trips you recommend?

Generally, I would recommend starting somewhere you speak the language! So if you are like me and English is your first language some places I recommend are London, Amsterdam, For more advance solo travelers I recommend Mexico City (Mexico), Cartagena (Colombia), Cusco (Peru), and Antigua (Guatemala).

Is solo travel really worth it?

If you ask me, yes! While I do not think solo traveling is for everyone, I think it’s an experience worth pursuing. I’ve experience so much growth and confidence as a person and Black woman through solo female travel. So I do believe it’s worth it.

Tips for Traveling Solo as a Black Woman 💅🏾

My Solo Travel Must-Haves

Headed on your first solo trip and don’t know what to pack? Need to upgrade some of your solo travel essentials? Or looking to add some solo travel safety gear to your collection?


Before you go, you need to scroll through my solo female travel my must-haves! A mix of bags, safety alarms, and more I got you for all your solo travel needs.

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