Black Solo Female Travel Guide: A Solo Trip to Houston

by Sojourner

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A solo trip to Houston is what you’re looking for – and a solo travel guide to Houston is what I got for you! I spent two weeks working remotely in Houston and it was honestly one of my favorite cities thus far. The food, the culture, the people, all of it was amazing. 

Houston is not a place many people seem to put high on their U.S solo travel list. But I think it is a worthy option in the southern part of the U.S. Between Houston and my previous stop in New Orleans; you will be sure to experience that southern hospitality.  

Here’s what you should know when planning your solo trip to Houston!

Is Houston safe to travel alone?

I always say safety is relative. I had a blast solo traveling in Houston and never felt unsafe! Although there are a lot of highways. So if you like to walk around a lot, be mindful of going through the underpasses. They can be a bit dark, even during the daytime.

 But do remember to stay alert! I had a few Uber drivers who did not seem like they knew where I wanted to go because Houston is so big. So remember to watch the app map while you’re in your rideshare. Traveling solo has been safe for me overall, and I wish the same for you. 

Where to stay in Houston as a solo female traveler 

Wanderstay is the main hostel option for solo travel in Houston. I stayed in their NASA-themed private room for $47. Unfortunately, this room did not have a private bathroom, so you had to share. There were also dorms available, a small kitchen, a lobby, and a small desk area on the first floor. 

Unlike other hostels I’ve stayed in, this one is not in the heart of downtown. I loved the location! I was within walking distance of many food trucks and Black-owned businesses and restaurants. I also liked being close to the 3rd Ward and places like Crumbville and 3rd Ward Tours.

How to get around Houston traveling solo 

Houston is one of the biggest cities in the U.S. It is sprawled out and goes on forever. They are not known for public transportation so renting a car is standard. I am someone who drives when they have to. Therefore I used rideshares to get around as I traveled solo in Houston. Other than that, I walked when I could though the sidewalks were a bit rough.

Where to eat in Houston


If you are looking for a fancy and delicious brunch spot, check out Lucille’s! I ordered the catfish and grits, and it was divine. You will need a reservation or be prepared to wait. Their Sunday brunch had so many great options. I would come back to try another dish too. A solo travel guide is not complete without a trip here.

Trez Art & Wine Bar  

Where are all my solo traveling wine lovers?  I visited Trez Art & Wine Bar during happy hour, the perfect time to taste multiple dishes and wines. As a solo traveler, I recommend sitting at the bar! Depending on what day and time you go, you may also need a reservation.  

Urban Brew

 Urban Brew is a small cafe that sells smoothies, teas, coffee, crepes, etc. It is within walking distance of Wanderstay. This cafe is ideal for relaxing after a busy day. I tried their savory and sweet crepes on mornings where I didn’t want to go too far nor cook. 

The Breakfast Klub  

Catfish and grits became a theme while I was solo traveling in Houston. I heard the line at the Breakfast Klub could get long, so I arrived early. The crust of this catfish tasted like perfection (sometimes I think people overseason catfish). I also loved that the Breakfast Klub had mimosas to go! 

Green Seed Vegan

 The number of Black-owned vegan restaurants and food trucks surprised me in Houston. Green Seed Vegan was one of those surprises. They lean more on the raw vegan side than the meat and cheese substitutes you often see on vegan menus nowadays. You can choose from their tempeh sandwiches. 

Houston Grub Park  

I love a good food truck, and  Houston Grub Park is the place to go. You can find multiple food trucks selling anything from pizza to soul food egg rolls. There is also a space for vendors selling baked goods such as chocolate chip cookies filled with cheesecake. Yes, solo traveler – go! 

Mo Better Brews  

For those solo travelers in Houston looking for a vegan brunch, you have to go to Mo Better Brews! I visited this restaurant twice on my solo trip to Houston to eat. I ate the hot honey mushrooms and grits on my first visit. The second time I indulged in the chik’n fried mushrooms and waffles. I came to Mo Better Brews for their open mic night. The atmosphere was excellent, and I could have spent entire days here working and eating. I can recommend this place 100%. 

Day 6 Coffee Co.  

A downtown cafe option is Day 6 Coffee Co. The coffee shop has baked goods, breakfast sandwiches, coffee, tea, etc. If you have been busy sightseeing in the downtown Houston area, check them out. They are located near the famous “Houston Is Inspired” mural too.  

The Bar 5015  

Solo travelers who like to go out and be seen will love Bar 5015. I walked past here during Sunday brunch, and it was packed. There is good music, good vibes, and some nice-looking people. However, the drinks are what people seem to love the most!

Cali Sandwich & Pho 

Vietnamese food is one of my favorite Asian cuisines. Cali’s Sandwich & Pho satisfied my craving with a fish banh mi and spring rolls. Solo travelers visiting Houston on a budget will also really like Cali’s. You can get a good amount of food for $10 or $12. 

 Axelrad Beer Garden

 Axelrad Beer Garden made me feel like I found a piece of Berlin in Houston. Beer and cider enthusiasts have tons of options to choose from here. I loved this bar because there was indoor and outdoor seating, including hammocks. I came at night with some people I met. But I would love to come back during the day. 

The Birria Queen  

The Birria Queen is one of the many places within 10 minutes walking from Wanderstay.  I walked over during lunch one day and ordered the vegan burria tacos. I got four tacos for $20, but the vegan ones were the most expensive on the menu. The Birria Queen also has chicken and seafood tacos options too. 

Houston Sauce Pit 

Another Black-owned food truck recommendation is Houston Sauce Pit! This food truck is vegan with thick burgers, soul food such as mac n cheese, etc. Also, there are other food trucks on Almeda St. in this area. Sit outside at the picnic table; people watch and enjoy.

Lost & Found  

Drinks at the bare minimum are a must at Lost & Found. I’m a tequila girl, but they have an array. Also, though I came to Lost & Found for dinner, they are known for their “Sunday Funday” brunch! So if late-night eating is not your thing, go during that time.  

Lost & Found is also a bar where I met people too! A big part of solo traveling in Houston, or any other city, is meeting people at the bar. Any easy way is to go to happy hour and make small talk with someone else who may be alone. Those are the best solo traveler connections. 

What to do on your solo trip to Houston

3rd Ward Tours

Solo travelers who adore bike tours will love 3rd Ward Tours. A Black-owned tour company in Houston, these bike tours are much more engaging than tours I had in the past. For example, I took the 90s-themed night LED bike tour and had a blast. They also offer tours during the daytime, brunch bike tours to Bar 5015, and more.

Community Artists Collective

Houston has an incredible museum scene. They also have smaller, art-centric galleries, and this non-profit is one of them! The Community Artists Collective is a staple in the Houston art community.

Be sure to check and see if they have events to attend and learn more about the exhibit they are currently showcasing. I ended up going to one of their events and loving it. The space and people here were one of the highlights of my solo trip to Houston.

Buffalo Soldiers Museum

Not only am I a solo traveler, but the daughter of a history teacher. So, stop by the Buffalo Soldiers Museum for all my fellow history buffs. It’s the only museum in the U.S that centers on the stories and experiences of Black U.S. soldiers. Entry is only $10, and it’s a self-guided tour with videos sprinkled into the exhibit’s paths. 

Emancipation Ave.

While in Houston, I met some dope people! They took me to some cool spots, and one of them was the bars on Emancipation Ave. Located in the 3rd Ward, you can hop from place to place. If you want to enjoy a very Black atmosphere and drink away from the downtown scene. Just as my Houston friends warned me – it can get a bit hectic over here – so keep your eyes and ears open. I want all my solo female travelers in Houston to be safe!

Houston Museum of African-American Culture

Houston is known for their museums. Another option is the Houston Museum of African-American Culture (HMAAC). It is a donation-based museum and within a 5 minute drive of the Community Artists Collective. HMAAC is not big so it is doable to walk through. Check their website to see the best time to visit when they have special exhibits. Be sure to plan some other visits in the museum district too, such as the Museum of Fine Arts!

Houston Rodeo and Concert

A Houston rodeo is just as epic as it sounds. If you plan your solo trip to Houston in later February to mid-March, check out the Houston Rodeo. It was a welcomed adventure on my trip, and I attended Black Heritage Night. The rodeo and concert felt like a real Houston experience with Bun B performing his H-Town Takeover featuring many other artists! 

Pur Noire Urban Wineries 

If Spain taught me one thing, wine tastings are always a good idea. Pur Noire is a Black woman-owned wine club located downtown in Houston. I think this is a great entry-level wine tasting as each one was not overly strong. I made a reservation beforehand, though they also accept walk-ins, and the staff was friendly! Going wine tasting is one of the many underrated things to do alone in Houston and perfect for solo female travelers.

Safety as a Black solo female traveler in Houston

I’ve previously written about why Black women should travel solo. Unlike some other solo travel destinations, I blended in well in Houston. Since it is a city with a large Black population, I did not anticipate standing out as a solo female traveler. However, I met the most open and welcoming people during this solo trip to Houston! 

The only caveat I would say is to be careful when going out by yourself! Partying and dancing can quickly turn into drinking in Houston. But, on the other hand, they love a good day party, and their “Sunday Funday” brunch festivities are full of cool-looking drinks. So watch what’s in your cup at all times.

Things to do alone in Houston are never-ending

I enjoyed myself, the food, and the atmosphere of each place I visited while traveling solo in Houston. I never felt in danger or out of place, and there were many things to do alone in Houston too. Aside from the lack of walkability, it has been one of my favorite U.S cities for solo traveling. I recommend it for all my fellow solo female travelers!

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