Black Solo Female Travel Guide: A Solo Trip to London

by Sojourner

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You can go on a solo trip to London 10 times and still not eat and see everything you want. And as one of the most visited cities in the world, London is on many solo female traveler bucket lists. After visiting London alone myself I now know why!

London has a combination of history, a variety of international communities, museums, and more. There seems to always be something to do. This post breaks down how you can make the most visiting London alone as a solo female traveler – and of course it’s Black girl friendly!

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Where to stay in London (hostel edition)

Clink78 Backpackers Youth Hostel

Clink78 is for those true, hostel, budget travelers. I can’t say this was the most luxurious hostel I’ve stayed in as a solo traveler. But it got the job done and did not cost as much as other accommodations. Located in King’s Cross, Clink78 grants you quick access to the Tube and buses while on your solo trip to London.

St. Christopher Hammersmith’s

St. Christopher Hammersmith’s was one of the first hostels I ever stayed in! Though I was traveling with a friend, I think it shaped my future hostel standard for solo travelers. They offer dorms to meet other people traveling in London alone and have their own bar called Belushi’s. Take advantage of the hostel bar with the discount and making strangers friends.

Click here for more information and the latest prices

How to get around while visiting London alone

The best way to navigate London as a solo traveler is through the infamous Tube. Get your oyster card and hop on the Tube to sightsee around the city. I also used buses and walked quite a bit to get around. I do not think a car is necessary unless you absolutely want to drive. London is a densely populated city and the traffic seemed a bit much at times in the touristy areas.

Where to eat alone in London

Maltby Street Market

Markets on markets on markets! There is no shortage of food markets that house some of the best food in London. From my conversations with expats and locals, Maltby Street Market is a lesser known market located away from the traditional touristy spots.

However a smaller market normally means better food (just saying). I ordered 5 seafood and vegetarian dumplings for  £7. Those dishes left room for me to eat more while walking to see the other stalls. Maltby was one of my favorite solo activities in London. Go on a Sunday to see it in all its glory.

Pleasant Lady Jian Bing

Clearly food is my favorite thing to indulge in while traveling solo. And for as little as £6, Pleasant Lady Jian Bing Trading Stall will have your taste buds doing backflips. I opted for a traditional vegetarian Chinese egg crepe with onions, herbs, and a spicy sauce to top it all off.

Pleasant Lady is a small stand not too far from the Leicester Square Underground stop and around Covent Garden. I walked past it twice before realizing what it was! Your food is made right in front of you and it only takes a few minutes to make. There is no seating since it’s a stand, so the chef wraps it to go for you.

Fellow travel blogging friend and London fanatic Briona Lamback of You Me Lunch and Travel said this was the food stand I NEEDED visit. She was right. This was easily one of the most flavorful meals. I recommend stopping here immediately on your solo trip to London!

Eat of Eden

Eat of Eden is located in one of the predominately-Black areas of London called Brixton. It is a must-visit on your solo trip to London for your vegan eats. They offer vegan burgers, wraps, salads, large plates, and other savory sides such as plantains, to satisfy all of your vegan needs.

Three of my fellow travel blogging friends and I shared one of their mixed plates for just under £17. With this plate, you can order 8 to 10 items off the menu in smaller portions to share. If you go with friends, I highly recommend this option and letting the chef pick your choices. It makes it more fun and who knows the food better than the people making it?  

Prince of Peckham

You can find flavorful food and drinks paired with a chill atmosphere at the Prince of Peckham. It’s a Black-owned bar that should be on your list of places to hit during happy hour in London! Their Prince of Peckham Rum Punch was the best drink I had during my trip.

Happy hour drinks are £5 and I ordered some shrimp bites for £7 to compliment my drink. If I had more time, I would have definitely come back for a second visit while traveling. I loved the vibes so much on my solo trip to London.

Camden Market

While solo traveling in London is is no surprise why Camden Market is one of the most popular spots. Camden was my first foodie stop and set the tone for what would follow. The Indonesian food I ate here was divine. My dish was  £8 and an entirely vegan, spicy mushroom curry with vegetables and rice.

However for context, I walked around the market 3 times before deciding on what to eat. Every food stand had their own cuisine, smell, style, and marketing to get you to eat with them. Pro tip: don’t be afraid to ask to try a dish! Many of the vendors are more than willing to give you a sample.

Half Cup

Clink78 was my hostel in King’s Cross and Half Cup just a mere 10 minute walk from me. I selected the pancakes with an egg on top and cheese in the middle for £9.50. The French toast also caught me eye.

Additionally, this leads me to another tip. To find the best food in London use Instagram! If I had looked up Half Cup and found their social media, I would have seen how delicious the French toast looked before ordering. Using social media is a resourceful way to gauge when finding things to do solo in London.

Brick Lane Market

Brick Lane is known for their street art and vintage shopping, however foodies come for the market that makes the street come alive on the weekends. I found my way to an Ethiopian stand called Ethiopiques and grabbed their vegan plate for £7. But best believe, there is a cuisine here for you, including Thai and Indian options. Similar to Camden Market, the vendors will offer you a sample if you ask. From there, you can find the best meal for you.

Yuu Kitchen

Yuu Kitchen was a pleasant surprise on my solo trip to London. For £21 I ate some savory eggplants with caramelized onion and a bao, fried tofu burger with a drink that had the taste of an alcoholic jolly rancher.  While you can’t sample food at Yuu Kitchen like I mentioned at Camden Market, I do recommend asking your serve what’s good. Servers often know what and where to eat in London better than us bloggers, so relying on their recommendations is always helpful. 

Peckham Levels

Peckham is another predominately-Black area of London. Peckham Levels is a colorful haven of food, games, and more, which makes it kid-friendly too. They sell dumplings, burgers, and other delectable treats. It’s under 15 minutes from the Prince of Peckham (mentioned above) and I recommend hitting them both up for happy hour.

Borough Market

Borough Market is another delicious market to visit on your solo trip to London! You can find Spanish paella and mushroom risotto made right in front of you. Borough also offers seafood, Ethiopian food, pasta, baked goods, and juices. On any foodie list, you’ll find that Borough Market is one of the best places to eat in London. I can’t agree more.

Beigel Bake

A solo trip to London wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Beigel Bake. Probably one of the most iconic places to eat in London, Beigel Bake is known for having the best bagels in the city. It’s located in the hipster area of Shoreditch on Brick Lane, surrounded by vintage stores and other foodie finds. I ordered the salmon and cream cheese bagel for just under £2.50; so it also makes Beigel Bake one of the few cheap eats in London I visited. It’s a perfect stop for all the budget travelers out there!

Furthermore, a little FYI: the line can be long! If you go here in the morning be prepared to wait. If you don’t want to wait, head here closer to the end of the day. Beigel Bake is also open 24 hours which gives you many chances to try the infamous bagels for yourself. 

The most popular tours in London:

Solo things to do in London

Tour the museums

London museums are free which makes them an ideal activity for visiting solo travelers. The National History Museum, National Gallery, British Museum, and many more are available for visits. London can be expensive to visit as a solo traveler so take advantage of the free things!

Check off all the London tourist attractions

If we’re talking tourist attractions, the list of things to do alone in London is miles long. Big Ben, The London Eye, Abbey Road, Tower of London, Tower Bridge – the list goes on and on! On your solo trip to London, prioritized which attractions you want to visit. You probably cannot go to all of them, but creating a list then ranking the most important ones to you is a place to start.

Learn some London history

For those who did not know, London is an international city with lots of history. From colonization to now they have shaped the world you we live in. The museums or a free walking tour can give you insight into London’s impact and how it has affected us all.

Visit the outdoor markets

As you can tell by the list above, I love a good market! One of the easiest things to do alone in London is go to them. Camden, Borough, Maltby, and more are top markets to visit and indulge in while on a solo trip to London. Eat your heart out!

Do all the royal sightseeing

Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, Tower of London, and Windsor Castle are a few of the royal attractions you can do on a solo trip to London. You can visit Buckingham Palace on a free walking tour and Kensington Palace on a ride on a the Tube. But to visit Windsor Castle you will need to travel an hour outside the city.

Observe the street art in Shoreditch

One of the free solo things to do in London is look at the street art. Shoreditch is iconic in East London for the designs and creativity. While there are tours, many solo travelers in London create their own walking tour by perusing the area. The art can change daily so you can visit multiple times and find something new!

Thrift shopping on Brick Lane

Solo travelers in London who love to shop can find something to buy on Brick Lane. Though a mix of vintage and thrift stores, Brick Lane can be pricey but worth it. If you go on the weekend you can even attend the Brick Lane Market as you shop.

Find iconic movie scenes and photo-ops

London is known for being the backdrop of classic movies around the world. Platform 9 and 3/4 from Harry Potter is found at King’s Cross Station. The Globe Tavern (near Borough Market) is memorable for lovers of Bridget Jone’s Diary. And for nostalgic moviegoers who adore The Parent Trap, 23 Egerton Terrace is the faux address of Lindsay Lohan’s Annie James. Find your favorite London-based movie and visit the real-life locations!

Where can I meet solo travelers in London?

Meeting people while traveling is one of my favorite parts! And in a busy city there are lots of them to connect with. If you are wanting to meet other solo travelers on your solo trip to London I would recommend:

  1. Staying in a hostel to meet more people
  2. Joining London-centered expat Facebook groups and ask to meet up with people
  3. Joining solo traveler Facebook groups and ask to meet up with people
  4. Making conversation at a restaurant or bar with the bartender or other people at the bar
  5. Take a walking tour and talk to people on your tour

How much is a solo trip to London?

When finding solo activities in London, budgets vary based on your travel style. But if you decide to take a solo trip to London be ready to spend cash! Though our home country’s currency dictates the conversion rates, London is costly. Solo travelers should anticipate spending at least $15 a meal. It is one of the most expensive cities in the world so remember that traveling to London alone is not cheap.

Additional tips for traveling alone in London

A solo trip to London can be full of excitement. But remember it is impossible to do everything in one trip. The city is huge and there is a lot to choose from while solo traveling in London. Other things to keep in mind as a solo traveler in London include:

  • Stay in Central London! Being in the middle of everything gives you easy access to all the sites you want to experience (especially if this is your first time in London)

  • Book activities in advance to avoid waiting and long lines. If you visit during high season and the holidays, this tip will save you a headache!

  • Do not a rent a car! I want to reiterate this because public transportation is amazing in London. A car is not worth the trouble. Walking or renting a bike are also possibilities too.

On being a Black solo female traveler in London

The good thing about being a travel content creator is the connections! As a Black solo female traveler and content creator I’ve met so many incredible people. I think meeting the ladies (pictured above), eating food, and laughing together was a highlight.

Aside from meeting other Black travelers, I did not have any issues traveling while Black in London. I know this is not everyone’s experience traveling in Europe. But as a Black solo female traveler I felt safe the entire time.

If you do not have a travel platform you can still meet other Black travelers! There are tons of Black travel groups on Facebook and beyond that cater to us. I love having the flexibility to be alone and also with people. I found that using social media is a resourceful way to connect and find like-minded individuals if you want the company.

Why London is a good place for solo travelers

It is no surprise that I support a solo trip to London! Due to the never-ending list of things to do alone in London that makes it a worth solo traveler destination. Similar to Amsterdam, the availability of markets also gives solo travelers a chance to wander aimlessly around the city. The weather is the biggest downside. But with the history, food, and attractions there is enough to keep anyone visiting London alone occupied.

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(This post was originally published on September 3, 2019 and updated on July 16, 2022)

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Razena August 31, 2019 - 9:33 am

I’ve been to a few of the places you mentioned but you have such a great list it makes me want to go back and try them all.

Sojourner August 31, 2019 - 2:19 pm

Yay! Thank you. Which ones have you tried already? I’m curious…

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I want to eat al of this! My mouth is watering!

Sojourner August 31, 2019 - 2:21 pm

Lol good! That means I did my job haha

Merrie Rodriguez August 31, 2019 - 2:10 pm

These foods look so yummy!! We just back from London and while we were there we took a food tour through Borough Market! So yummy!!

Sojourner August 31, 2019 - 2:22 pm

Ugh Borough Market is amazing! Hope you ate well


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