Sunny San Sebastián

by Sojourner
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Let the traveling begin! My first trip outside of Logroño was to a place I’ve been dying to visit: San Sebastián, Spain. I went with friends to celebrate the birthday of another TA in Logroño and it was such a fantastic weekend away. Since the San Mateo Festival meant no teaching for a week, we all needed a refresher before our first full week of school. We stayed in the heart of Old Town in the city so we were surrounded by many people and even more food. We walked around the whole beach to take an old trolley to the amusement park and to capture the view below. San Sebastián’s beauty was given, but from my friends to the pinchos, everything worked out perfectly.

If you didn’t know, Basque Country is the home of pinchos which are basically appetizers that you create into a full meal. It’s like eating a little bit of everything instead of a large portion of one course. Each pincho can cost about 1 to 3 euros depending on what region of northern Spain you’re eating in, but Basque Country is famous for them. Southern Spain has tapas, which is a similar concept of a different name. I was in pincho heaven as a pescetarian because there was seafood everywhere. You may think 3 or 4 pinchos are not enough food, but they are very filling especially if you have a drink with it. Basque Country is more expensive than La Rioja however, the food is worth every euro I spent (and it was still cheaper than going out to eat in the US).

Overall this weekend was the perfect escape before school. I was beginning to get restless in Logroño after the early San Mateo festivities last weekend because I’ve never had this much down time. In college I was busy all the time, every day, including the weekends. Relaxing for more than a few hours is something I am not accustomed to doing. Since being here I’ve learned to appreciate the days where I can wander around Logroño or take a spontaneous trip to a beautiful Spanish beach. However, I also understand the privilege of having the opportunity to wake up and doing something you’re passionate about, whether that is school, volunteering, teaching, etc. I’m even more motivated to make the most of what’s to come as my first full week teaching begins tomorrow!

It’s about time.

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