The Tandem: Taste the Rainbow (Your Taste Buds Will Thank You Later)

by Sojourner
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The Tandem is a restaurant in Milwaukee, WI that truly makes you feel at home. The food is flavored just right and uses a delicious combination of seasonings and sauces that doesn’t overpower each dish’s natural flavor. The Grain Salad was the standout and the best salad I’ve ever had (and being a Pescatarian means I’ve eaten many). It mixed basic salad components such as beets, carrots and lettuce with grains and a vinaigrette that you couldn’t see, but when I took a bite my taste buds exploded with satisfaction. Their website says it’s “down-to-earth food with fresh-from-the-earth ingredients” and that’s just the tastiness I experienced.

Hushpuppy love

The hushpuppies were surprising. I’m not a huge hushpuppy fan because I’ve eaten many overcooked ones, but these have changed my mind. They were a mix of an average hushpupy and cornbread that wasn’t overly sweet. I love the twist of serving them with maple butter too! The veggie burger was flavorful and not overcooked.

Service quality

Service wise, The Tandem wasn’t too busy for a Friday afternoon lunch so there was no line and the fresh food came out in no time. The server was also attentive and accommodating, plus since my mom frequents The Tandem she knew our server. I love local places!

Summer salads

You can order two types of salad during the summer: a grain salad (the very first picture) and the one pictured above. I prefer the grain salad because I am come to love beets. Also, since The Tandem gets their food fresh, these salads are even more delicious. They may not be available during the Wisconsin winters, but for a summer day the mix of ingredients was light and filling.

The Tandem was everything I needed and more a few weeks ago. As someone who was raised around fresh food and valuing local businesses, The Tandem embodies it all. I met the owner, Caitlin, right before I went to Spain last year and while the restaurant wasn’t open yet, I put it high on my list of places to eat when I returned. It’s a must-eat restaurant in the city!


Thanks for reading! Savor the flavor and pin it for later!

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