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Going on a scenic train ride has to be on your bucket list! The views, the relaxation, and the slowcation vibes are unmatched.


But how does someone know where or how to start train traveling? How do you pack for hours or days on the train?


As the train travel queen, this page houses all the tips, resources, and essentials to book your 1st, 5th, or 25th train ride!

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Have you always dreamed of taking a train trip? Did you know that the U.S had scenic train rides?


Well if so, I have the guide for you to get you on the tracks and enjoying those views!


As the train travel queen, this 3-page checklist has all the tips and tricks I use when planning my  cross-country, overnight, and/or scenic train adventures!


A train ride should be on your bucket list and this guide will get you there with ease!


Train Travel FAQs

What is considered train travel?

After years of train travel, I would say train travel consists of any time you get on a train. While using public transportation trains is literally train travel, most tourists are looking for types of trains including scenic trains, cross-country, overnight, high-speed, and long distance routes with views to enjoy form their seats.

Is train travel safe for solo women travelers?

In my experience, I have felt the safest as a Black solo woman traveler on trains. Granted, as of January 2024, I have only been on trains in the U.S, Mexico, and Peru. But I’ve enjoyed them all. People bother me less and the seclusion of the train in a roomette or feels safer and securer than flying. However every person’s experiences can vary.

What are safety tips for train travel?

My top 3 tips are to (1) keep an eye on your valuables and put them in one bag and hold onto that bag if you can, (2) choose your seat wisely, and (3) walk around the train when you first get on to understand the layout and what’s all on board!

Is train travel sustainable?

Train travel is a more sustainable alternative to air travel. Taking a slower pace while traveling is also better for the environment. Trains use 66% to 80% less carbon than cars and planes.

Do you ride the trains solo?

Most of the time, yes! I did ride a train with my sister once, but it is normally just me, my camera, and my tripod.

How do you avoid boredom on the train?

Bring things to do!! Some trains, especially in the U.S, do not have wi-fi so you need to keep yourself occupied to pass the time. I have some recommendations here to help you avoid boredom on your train ride!

What was my (Sojourner’s) first train trip?

I’ve been taking trains since I was a kid! But my first scenic train ride was the 52-hour California Zephyr on Amtrak from Chicago to California. I Googled “US bucket lists” and it was the first ride I saw. That was in July 202 and I’ve been obsessed ever since!

How should I get started train traveling?

Look up trains near you to see if there is a shorter one you can try before jumping into a cross-country one! If not, see if there is a location you’ve always wanted to visit and research if there’s a train ride nearby you can add onto your trip. You won’t know if you like it until you go! And check out my tips for first-time Amtrak riders too.

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