Sojournies helps aspiring travelers with full-time jobs plan intentionally to travel strategically to check off their career and bucket list dreams!

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Welcome to Sojournies!

I’m happy you’re here – and by the way you can call me Sojourner! 

I’m a traveling remote social worker by profession and travel blogger by passion from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who believes in living a multi-passionate life. Whether you are a pottery-making engineer or a race-car driving history teachernone of us are born to be or do one thing. 

Initially created to document my study abroad experience in Granada, Spain and a year teaching abroad with the Fulbright Program, Sojournies evolved. It grew into something bigger than me and my adventures abroad.

Now, it is a travel education and inspiration platform for ambitious young professionals to create their own adventurewhile fulfilling their career and bucket list dreams. Sojournies offers resources on travel planning,  international career and educational opportunities, Black travel, solo travel, expat life, and all the vacations in between.

What did I tell you before? We live multi-passionate lives over here. We check ALL the boxes that apply!

Plan Intentionally | Travel Strategically | Live Vicariously Through YOU

“Sojourner is an international social worker, global educator, and nomad who enjoys meeting people around the world and believes everyone has a story to tell. She found a way to combine her passion for travel and education, and her useful resources will help you chase your career dreams as you travel the world.”

– Ciara Johnson, Buzzfeed Contributor

Even though my mother named me after women’s rights activist and abolitionist Sojourner Truth, according to the dictionary a “sojourner” is someone who resides in a place temporarily. 

Through my name, my parents empowered me to go after what I want and keep an open mind along the way. Apply for that internship abroad. Move for that international fellowship. Unlearn your biases and stereotypes about the world. Pay to zipline in that rainforest. Book that 52-hour train ride. It’s your life so you have to live it!

As a literal sojourner, I encourage my community to do the same. I show them you can dream big and travel far. And I provide the tools and tips to do it.

If you have the means and opportunity:

  • why only pursue one dream?
  • why not learn about other cultures (respectfully)?
  • why settle down when you were born to explore?

Because at the end of the day – if not you, then who?

Being multi-passionate isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. In the midst of graduating with two degrees and living in multiple countries, my travel content has been featured in Travel + Leisure, USA Today, Insider, Lonely Planet, Buzzfeed, Fodor’s Travel, PopSugar, and more. 

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How Sojournies invests in you:

My purpose is to provide you with the tools to create the adventure you aspire to on your terms!

Think of me as the overhead bin packed on a fully-booked flight. I hold your baggage of tips, advice, and resources to help you plan intentionally to plan strategically, and live vicariously through yourself. But YOU are the traveler by the  window seat who feels prepared to get started the moment you touch down. Are you catching the theme here?  Because many others have already gotten started!

“I really like all of Sojourner’s videos!  I just got back from Europe today, traveling on a grant for teachers, but I watched all her YouTube videos before I left.”


Michael, a teacher

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